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Last updated: 20:15 on 8 February 2015

Match of the day! Cumbernauld duo raise thousands for Cancer Research UK

HOW would you react to being told you or a family member had cancer? Would you worry about the future – your family and friends? Would you isolate yourself? Would you travel the world? Or would you dedicate your time to fundraising? Well, for two Cumbernauld brothers, the latter was the only option.

22-year-old Greenfaulds resident Dale McNeil was given the earth shattering news that he had cancer in early December, last year. Waiting until Boxing Day to give his close friends and family the news that he had been diagnosed and that his treatment would start soon, Dale and his brother, Ross, devised a plan to raise money for a well-known cancer support charity.

Dale, a lifeguard at the Time Capsule in Coatbridge turned to his brother, 26-year-old Ross McNeil, to help organise a special fundraiser for Cancer Research UK, after announcing the unfortunate news to his family, after Christmas. What the duo devised was a special football match, in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Together, they worked out the details of the match; and, after some planning decided that a match between Ross’s Cumbernauld Athletic Football Club and a few friends of Dale would be the best option.

With the bare bones agreed, the brothers elected for January 25th as their chosen date – and, with the support of another of the team’s managers, a number of star line-ups were called in.

Alan Rough, Dougie Bell, Ronnie Yule, Brian Martin, Jim Chapman, Gordon Parks, Peter Martin and Tommy Sheridan were among the ex-professional star line-up who were called up to make the day even more of a success.

With the arrangements following into place, Ross – a Financial Administrator, from Glasgow – set up a Facebook event to raise to awareness of the event, as well as a special JustGiving fundraising page.

By the time of the match – which kicked off at 11am on 25 January – the Facebook event had some 600 invited guests, while the JustGiving fundraising page had taken in over £1,200 worth of donations – well over the £500 set by Ross initially.

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Last updated: 20:15 on 8 February 2015

Cumbernauld mum’s service dog fundraising drive

ONE Cumbernauld mother has issued an appeal to potentially generous local residents, asking them to give whatever they can to give her young autistic son a service dog.

Pauline Skinner-McDade (34) works as a theatre nurse at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. However, when she gets home she’s a mother to three children – Scott, Zoe and Kyle.

A resident of the Condorrat area of Cumbernauld, Pauline and her 35-year-old husband have spoken  to Cumbernauld Media about their fundraising drive to raise £5,000 for a specially trained autism service dog.

“My husband James and I spoke about the possibility of getting a dog for the children previously, however ours is a very busy household and up until last summer both of us worked full time, which would have meant any dog we adopted would be spending a great proportion of the day alone which would not be fair to the dog,” Pauline explained to Cumbernauld Media’s Scott Campbell. 

She added: “Our situation changed in the summer when James gave up working full time to be there for our children – 6-year-old Scott, 5-year-old Zoe 5 and Kyle (4), in February.  

“We made this decision after Kyle’s behaviour started to become more challenging, meaning that it became apparent that one of us would have to be at home full time, and James’s employer was able to allow him to drop his hours to one day a week, while my employer guaranteed me one day off meaning that one of us are in the house seven days a week.”

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Last updated at 02:52 on 4 February 2015

Application for Westway store development approved

CUMBERNAULD'S Westway Retail Park could soon boast a brand new supermarket after North Lanarkshire Council approved a change of use application that will see two of the units in the Retail Park amalgamated.


Owners of Westway Retail Park, Cumbernauld Retail Park Ltd Partnership, submitted a planning application to North Lanarkshire Council last month; an application - which now granted - will see the empty 5b and 6 units at the Park amalgamated into one premises, before being fitted out to become a store.

A target determination date of February 2, 2015 was set against the application, but it only took until last Wednesday (28 January) for a final decision to be made and issued to Savills Planning, who compiled the planning application and submitted it to North Lanarkshire Council on behalf of the retail park’s owners.


As we have reported on previous occasions, Aldi has been looking for potential premises in Cumbernauld for some time, with their preferred location at the former ice rink, on St. Mungo’s Road not being big enough to meet their needs, meaning hopes were thwarted that the retailer might come to the town.

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Business news
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16 March 2015 Town’s MSP visits Food and Drink Hub http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1323-town-s-msp-visits-food-and-drink-hub 
8 March 2015 Which? survey puts North Lanarkshire top for food hygiene http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1319-which-survey-puts-north-lanarkshire-top-for-food-hygiene 
5 February 2015 New Year, new look, and new support for Cumbernauld Media  http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1287-new-year-new-look-and-new-support-for-cumbernauld-media 
29 January 2015 Cumbernauld saved from Tesco store axe http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1263-cumbernauld-saved-from-tesco-store-axe 
22 January 2015 Kelvin Valley honey firm buzzing with excitement after funding boost announcement http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1256-kelvin-valley-honey-firm-buzzing-with-excitement-after-funding-boost-announcement 
11 July 2014 Cumbernauld’s £3m mega-structure http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1174-cumbernauld-s-3m-mega-structure 
17 June 2014 Brought to book; plans for Cumbernauld’s former Scan bookshop unveiled http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1148-brought-to-book-plans-for-cumbernauld-s-former-scan-bookshop-unveiled 
19 May 2014 Cumbernauld Morrisons store plans backed http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1140-cumbernauld-morrisons-store-plans-backed 
19 May 2014 Morrisons welcome council backing on Cumbernauld store proposals http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1141-morrisons-welcome-council-backing-on-cumbernauld-store-proposals 
17 May 2014 From America with love; U.S. restaurant to open “within weeks” http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1135-from-america-with-love-u-s-restaurant-to-open-within-weeks 
11 May 2014 Best buddies! Restaurant chain looks to open new Cumbernauld eatery http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1125-best-buddies-restaurant-chain-looks-to-open-new-cumbernauld-eatery 
3 May 2014 Sunday Herald declares backing for a Yes vote in Scottish #IndyRef http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/business/1120-sunday-herald-declares-backing-for-a-yes-vote-in-scottish-indyref 
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Community news
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16 March 2015 Cumbernauld railway station takes shape http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1322-cumbernauld-railway-station-takes-shape 
16 March 2015 Fare’s fare: Cumbernauld’s cabbies fight over ‘illegal’ pick-ups http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1321-fare-s-fare-cumbernauld-s-cabbies-fight-over-illegal-pick-ups 
8 March 2015 Morrisons scrap Cumbernauld store plans http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1318-morrisons-scrap-cumbernauld-store-plans 
8 March 2015 Youth employment funding announced for North Lanarkshire Council http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1311-youth-employment-funding-announced-for-north-lanarkshire-council  
8 March 2015 Cumbernauld Post Office to move http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1317-cumbernauld-post-office-to-move 
8 March 2015 Red Comyn site visit confirmed http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1315-red-comyn-site-visit-confirmed 
13 February 2015 Cumbernauld 'chip-gate' goes viral after McDonald's altercation  http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1305-cumbernauld-chip-gate-goes-viral-after-mcdonald-s-altercation 
8 February 2015 Cumbernauld back in picture for Scottish film studio http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1299-cumbernauld-back-in-picture-for-scottish-film-studio 
6 February 2015 Community fight against Kildrum pub closure proposals http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1296-community-fight-against-kildrum-pub-closure-proposals 
6 February 2015 Public meeting on fracking organised http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1294-public-meeting-on-fracking-organised 
5 February 2015 Aldi is ‘aware’ of Westway planning consent http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1290-aldi-is-aware-of-westway-planning-consent 
5 February 2015 Fatal fire in Cumbernauld http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/community/1289-fatal-fire-in-cumbernauld 
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Crime news
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15 February 2015 Missing Cumbernauld woman found, Police confirm http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1307-missing-cumbernauld-woman-found-police-confirm 
15 February 2015 Police launch appeal to find missing Cumbernauld woman http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1306-police-launch-appeal-to-find-missing-cumbernauld-woman 
11 February 2015 Robbers broke into a Cumbernauld house while the family were home http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1302-robbers-broke-into-a-cumbernauld-house-while-the-family-were-home 
6 February 2015 Chopper search was to hunt down a stolen car  http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1288-chopper-search-was-to-hunt-down-a-stolen-car 
4 February 2015 Police "out in force" in Cumbernauld as helicopter circles skies http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1286-police-out-in-force-in-cumbernauld-as-helicopter-circles-skies 
3 February 2015 Man assaulted outside Cumbernauld nightclub http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1278-man-assaulted-outside-cumbernauld-nightclub 
19 January 2015 Drugs raid recovers £470,000 from Cumbernauld house http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1250-drugs-raid-recovers-470-000-from-cumbernauld-house 
19 December 2014 Police identify body found in Abronhill http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1243-police-identify-body-found-in-abronhill 
18 December 2014 Post mortem to take place on Abronhill body http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1241-post-mortem-to-take-place-on-abronhill-body 
17 December 2014 Police confirm discovery of second body in Abronhill http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1236-police-confirm-discovery-of-second-body-in-abronhill 
10 December 2014 New partnership aims to get Christmas revellers home safely http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1233-new-partnership-aims-to-get-christmas-revellers-home-safely 
10 December 2014 Cash machine robbery in Cumbernauld Village http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/crime/1234-cash-machine-robbery-in-cumbernauld-village 
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Education news
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8 March 2015 Cumbernauld apprentice is named Lanarkshire's Apprentice of the Year http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1314-cumbernauld-apprentice-is-named-lanarkshire-s-apprentice-of-the-year  
8 March 2015 Minister talks poverty with Cumbernauld students http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1313-minister-talks-poverty-with-students-association-at-cumbernauld-college 
29 January 2015 New College Lanarkshire students cook up a storm for MSPs http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1271-new-college-lanarkshire-students-cook-up-a-storm-for-msps 
20 January 2015 Work starts on new Cumbernauld school campus http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1252-work-starts-on-new-cumbernauld-school-campus 
22 June 2014 Cumbernauld’s Redburn Nursery School closure given the go ahead  http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1159-cumbernauld-s-redburn-nursery-school-closure-given-the-go-ahead 
17 June 2014 Abronhill high staff morale "shockingly low" as pupils pack for move http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1149-abronhill-high-staff-morale-shockingly-low-as-pupils-pack-for-move 
19 May 2014 Gregory’s Girl school demolition progresses http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1139-gregory-s-girl-school-demolition-progresses 
3 May 2014 North Lanarkshire Council proposes day off on #IndyRef for Cumbernauld pupils http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1116-north-lanarkshire-council-proposes-day-off-on-indyref-for-cumbernauld-pupils 
3 May 2014 Cumbernauld students do Lanarkshire proud in Worldskills UK competition http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1115-cumbernauld-students-do-lanarkshire-proud-in-worldskills-uk-competition 
2 May 2014 Keeping the body and mind in shape throughout exam leave http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1112-keeping-the-body-and-mind-in-shape-throughout-exam-leave 
17 April 2014 Council tender out demolition contract for Gregory's Girl school http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1093-council-tender-out-demolition-contract-for-gregory-s-girl-school 
10 February 2014 Battle to save Cumbernauld’s Redburn Nursery gets underway as a closure consultation is launched http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/education/1092-battle-to-save-cumbernauld-s-redburn-nursery-gets-underway-as-a-closure-consultation-is-launched 
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Entertainment news
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PublishedHeadlineRead in full
8 March 2015 Casting call for Outlander season 2 closes http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/1312-casting-call-for-outlander-season-2-closes 
6 February 2015 Fringe First winning Sanitise is coming to Cumbernauld http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/1292-fringe-first-winning-sanitise-is-coming-to-cumbernauld 
22 January 2015 REVIEW: PS4 vs. Xbox One http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/1255-review-ps4-vs-xbox-one 
17 May 2014 ‘MONEY: the game show’ is coming to Cumbernauld Theatre http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/1133--money-the-game-show-is-coming-to-cumbernauld-theatre 
25 April 2014 Attica Rage and DJ Tom Russell Launch New Rock Club in Cumbernauld http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/1098-attica-rage-and-dj-tom-russell-launch-new-rock-club-in-cumbernauld 
14 November 2013 It’s a musical Movember in Cumbernauld as events group announce charity fundraiser http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/1036-it-s-a-musical-movember-in-cumbernauld-as-events-group-announce-charity-fundraiser 
17 September 2013 Former Cumbernauld Theatre artistic director dies, aged 58 http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/1004-former-cumbernauld-theatre-artistic-director-dies-aged-58 
17 September 2013 Main female role is filled as filming and production kicks off, in Cumbernauld, for Outlander http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/1005-main-female-role-is-filled-as-filming-and-production-kicks-off-in-cumbernauld-for-outlander 
28 August 2013 Tonight Cat, I’m going to be Scotland’s ‘tinseltown’; Cumbernauld prepares to set the scene for Outlander http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/987-tonight-cat-i-m-going-to-be-scotland-s-tinseltown-cumbernauld-prepares-to-set-to-scene-for-outlander 
25 August 2013 Going from AM to PM; Cumbernauld invited to second ‘Studio Showcase’ gig at AM Studios http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/982-going-from-am-to-pm-cumbernauld-invited-to-second-studio-showcase-gig-at-am-studios 
7 August 2013 Cumbernauld’s US star says congrats to Dr Capaldi on out-of-this-world role http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/entertainment/915-cumbernauld-s-us-star-says-congrats-to-dr-capaldi-on-out-of-this-world-role 
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Environment news
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22 June 2014 Abronhill Primary pupils kick-start burn clean up http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1155-abronhill-primary-pupils-kick-start-burn-clean-up 
22 June 2014 Scottish Water warn: Play it safe around rivers, reservoirs and lochs this summer http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1157-scottish-water-warn-play-it-safe-around-rivers-reservoirs-and-lochs-this-summer 
16 May 2014 Cumbernauld Morrisons may be approved for “political reasons” by councillors despite ‘refusal’ recommendation http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1130-cumbernauld-morrisons-may-be-approved-for-political-reasons-by-councillors-despite-refusal-recommendation 
12 May 2014 Cumbernauld Morrisons store application to be knocked back? http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1126-cumbernauld-morrisons-store-application-to-be-knocked-back 
7 May 2014 Council moves on plans to build 800 houses on Cumbernauld’s Forest Road http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1124-council-moves-on-plans-to-build-800-houses-on-cumbernauld-s-forest-road 
3 May 2014 Cumbernauld gets ready to defend its Beautiful Scotland title http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1114-cumbernauld-gets-ready-to-defend-its-beautiful-scotland-title 
2 May 2014 Five-figure grant approved for Cumbernauld Peace Garden http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1110-five-figure-grant-approved-for-cumbernauld-peace-garden 
9 February 2014 DOW withdraw Cumbernauld plant expansion application http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1092-dow-withdraw-cumbernauld-plant-expansion-application 
17 September 2013 Review delivers benefit for communities, business and nature http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1006-review-delivers-benefit-for-communities-business-and-nature 
17 September 2013 Drivers hit with fixed penalty notices in drive to put the brakes on Cumbernauld’s vehicle litter louts http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/1007-drivers-hit-with-fixed-penalty-notices-in-drive-to-put-the-brakes-on-cumbernauld-s-vehicle-litter-louts 
25 August 2013 Cumbernauld AG Barr’s glass bottle refund scheme idolised as Scottish Government seeks a litter-free nation http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/979-cumbernauld-ag-barr-s-glass-bottle-refund-scheme-idolised-as-scottish-government-seeks-a-litter-free-nation 
21 August 2013 Going green; unique agreement signed between council and Central Scotland Green Network http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/environment/965-going-green-unique-agreement-signed-between-council-and-central-scotland-green-network 
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Health news
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8 March 2015 Crucial role of unpaid carers is the focal point of summit http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1310-crucial-role-of-unpaid-carers-is-the-focal-point-of-summit 
3 February 2015 Timed visits improve patient care http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1279-timed-visits-improve-patient-care 
30 January 2015 Health board welcomes Scotland-wide out-of-hours review http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1274-health-board-welcomes-scotland-wide-out-of-hours-review 
29 January 2015 Hospital at home team’s innovative approach to care praised by health chief http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1266-hospital-at-home-team-s-innovative-approach-to-care-praised-by-health-chief 
29 January 2015 New radio station set to rock the airwaves for older people http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1264-new-radio-station-set-to-rock-the-airwaves-for-older-people 
22 January 2015 Upsurge in Lanarkshire Mumps cases http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1257-upsurge-in-lanarkshire-mumps-cases 
22 January 2015 Funding announced to tackle hospital discharge waits http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1254-funding-announced-to-tackle-hospital-discharge-waits 
19 January 2015 Battle royal over Out of Hours ‘snub’ http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1251-battle-royal-over-out-of-hours-snub 
19 December 2014 Good cheer to be dished up at older people’s Christmas Day dinner http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1244-good-cheer-to-be-dished-up-at-older-people-s-christmas-day-dinner 
10 December 2014 Council project aims to beat the winter blues http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1232-council-project-aims-to-beat-the-winter-blues 
24 July 2014 Smoker shows support for NHS Lanarkshire no smoking policy http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1196-smoker-shows-support-for-nhs-lanarkshire-no-smoking-policy 
17 July 2014 NHS Lanarkshire board backs outline case for select ward upgrades at Monklands Hospital http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/health/1179-nhs-lanarkshire-board-backs-outline-case-for-select-ward-upgrades-at-monklands-hospital 
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Opinion pieces
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21 August 2013 The problem with Cumbernauld town centre is neglect; ‘Crap Towns’ co-editor speaks out http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/opinion/969-the-problem-with-cumbernauld-town-centre-is-neglect-crap-towns-co-editor-speaks-out 
7 August 2013 Playparks, Facebook and more; Cumbernauld Community Park reflect on May 2013 http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/opinion/925-playparks-facebook-and-more-cumbernauld-community-park-reflect-on-may-2013 
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Politics news
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8 March 2015 Cumbernauld’s MSP launches Out of Hours survey http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1316-cumbernauld-s-msp-launches-out-of-hours-survey 
8 March 2015 Cumbernauld Tax Office ‘assurances’ sought http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1308-cumbernauld-tax-office-assurances-sought 
8 March 2015 SNP formally ‘adopt’ Cumbernauld #GE2015 contender http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1309-snp-formally-adopt-cumbernauld-ge2015-contender  
8 March 2015 Cumbernauld Tax Office closure proposals are “shocking”, says MSP http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1320-cumbernauld-tax-office-closure-proposals-are-shocking-says-msp  
11 February 2015 ‘Carbuncle’ image for Cumbernauld is a “good thing”, says councillor http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1304-carbuncle-image-for-cumbernauld-is-a-good-thing-says-councillor 
11 February 2015 Labour source says Cumbernauld seat loss would be a “humiliation” http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1303-labour-source-says-cumbernauld-seat-loss-would-be-a-humiliation 
8 February 2015 Cumbernauld’s MSP speaks of Tesco Condorrat ‘concerns’ http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1297-cumbernauld-s-msp-speaks-of-tesco-condorrat-concerns 
8 February 2015 Area’s MSP ‘seriously concerned’ by out-of-hours proposals http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1300-area-s-msp-seriously-concerned-by-out-of-hours-proposals 
8 February 2015 Political jousting over railway franchising http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1301-political-jousting-over-railway-franchising 
8 February 2015 Closure of Gregory’s Girl high school was ‘wrong’ http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1298-closure-of-gregory-s-girl-high-school-was-wrong 
6 February 2015 NHS should be excluded from TTIP, Cumbernauld’s MP says http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1295-nhs-should-be-excluded-from-ttip-cumbernauld-s-mp-says 
6 February 2015 Swinney outlines local government funding http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/politics/1293-swinney-outlines-local-government-funding 
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Sport news
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11 July 2014 Date for Cumbernauld 10k 2014 is announced http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1177-date-for-cumbernauld-10k-2014-is-announced 
22 June 2014 Baton protest mothballed ahead of Cumbernauld relay leg http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1154-baton-protest-mothballed-ahead-of-cumbernauld-relay-leg 
22 June 2014 Sport activities to take place throughout the summer http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1162-sport-activities-to-take-place-throughout-the-summer 
17 June 2014 Making a racket over proposed Cumbernauld tennis courts http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1144-making-a-racket-over-proposed-cumbernauld-tennis-courts 
16 May 2014 Cumbernauld to welcome Glasgow 2014 baton on June 23 http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1128-cumbernauld-to-welcome-glasgow-2014-baton-on-june-23 
3 May 2014 Work gets underway to build Olympic standard BMX track in Cumbernauld http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1118-work-gets-underway-to-build-olympic-standard-bmx-track-in-cumbernauld 
1 May 2014 Clyde FC director John Taylor moves to Dundee United http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1102-clyde-fc-director-john-taylor-moves-to-dundee-united 
1 May 2014 Cumbernauld prepares for Glasgow 2014 as town is named on relay route http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1101-cumbernauld-prepares-for-glasgow-2014-as-town-is-named-on-relay-route 
17 September 2013 Time is running out for hopeful Cumbernauld 10k entrants, as deadline approaches http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1029-time-is-running-out-for-hopeful-cumbernauld-10k-entrants-as-deadline-approaches 
17 September 2013 Between 3 and 5? Then call ‘FOUR...!’ and sign-up to Cumbernauld kids golf lessons http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1031-between-3-and-5-then-call-four-and-sign-up-to-cumbernauld-kids-golf-lessons 
17 September 2013 Soccer schools kick off at Cumbernauld’s Broadwood Stadium http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1028-soccer-schools-kick-off-at-cumbernauld-s-broadwood-stadium 
17 September 2013 Cumbernauld 10k runners urged to run for charities, as organisers hand cheques to local charities http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/sport/1030-cumbernauld-10k-runners-urged-to-run-for-charities-as-organisers-hand-cheques-to-local-charities 
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Transport news
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6 February 2015 Don’t risk it! Crossing misuse endangers lives http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1291-don-t-risk-it-crossing-misuse-endangers-lives 
10 November 2014 Accident on Cumbernauld's Central Way http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1215-accident-on-cumbernauld-s-central-way 
24 August 2014 New bus route announced for Cumbernauld http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1204-new-bus-route-announced-for-cumbernauld 
17 July 2014 New Cumbernauld station is opened http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1178-new-cumbernauld-station-is-opened 
17 July 2014 In pictures: Cumbernauld railway station’s official opening http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1191-in-pictures-cumbernauld-railway-station-s-official-opening 
17 July 2014 £170m investment announced for North Lanarkshire roads and transport http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1186-170m-investment-announced-for-north-lanarkshire-roads-and-transport 
18 May 2014 In pictures: The changing face of Cumbernauld train station http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1138-in-pictures-the-changing-face-of-cumbernauld-train-station 
18 May 2014 On the right tracks; work sees major change at Cumbernauld train station http://www.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1137-on-the-right-tracks-work-sees-major-change-at-cumbernauld-train-station 
2 May 2014 First Bus to detail further services for 2014 Games as firm becoming an Official Supporter http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1113-first-bus-to-detail-further-services-for-2014-games-as-firm-becoming-an-official-supporter 
1 May 2014 More trains between Cumbernauld and Glasgow for the Games http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1105-more-trains-between-cumbernauld-and-glasgow-for-the-games 
20 December 2013 Council warns motorists ‘don’t risk it’, as drink driving campaign is rolled out ahead of Christmas http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1070-council-warns-motorists-don-t-risk-it-as-drink-driving-campaign-is-rolled-out-ahead-of-christmas 
15 December 2013 Cumbernauld train services to be replaced by buses as track improvements get under way tonight http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/transport/1061-cumbernauld-train-services-to-be-replaced-by-buses-as-track-improvements-get-under-way-tonight 
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Weird & wonderful 
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15 December 2013 Cumbernauld dazzled by spectacular light show as thunder and lightning streak across central Scotland http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/weird/1060-cumbernauld-dazzled-by-spectacular-light-show-as-thunder-and-lightning-streak-across-central-scotland 
17 September 2013 Talks are signalled as council seek to get Cumbernauld online through free town centre wi-fi http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/weird/1032-talks-are-signalled-as-council-seek-to-get-cumbernauld-online-through-free-town-centre-wi-fi 
20 August 2013 Cumbernauld urged to attend Airdrie 'sleep-out' as Bedroom Tax battle continues http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/weird/951-cumbernauld-urged-to-attend-airdrie-sleep-out-as-bedroom-tax-battle-continues 
7 August 2013 Closing a chapter; Cumbernauld Library’s staffing woes hit visitors http://news.cumbernauld-media.com/news/weird/917-closing-a-chapter-cumbernauld-library-s-staffing-woes-hit-visitors 
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