The story behind Cumbernauld Media

Success from failure

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 was the day Cumbernauld Media was conceived. At the time, though, the idea was for a new printed media outlet to be established in the Cumbernauld, and/or Kilsyth area.

Preparations started with research and contacts were quickly established to pull together a first issue, with old images of Cumbernauld, archived stories, up-to-date announcements and the latest news. 

Printed as all ready to go, the ‘Cumbernauld Gazette’ boasted content not available through pre-existing media outlets, in Cumbernauld; with the newspaper set to include national news, weather and reviews of books, films and food.

Sadly, in late September, financial constraints put the project on hiatus and only days later the Cumbernauld Gazette was scrapped, and the team went back to the drawing board. What they came up with was an online newspaper. 

Rising from the ashes

After a couple of weeks of quick thinking, after promising fans results, the team reported back that the Cumbernauld Gazette would go online and provide a number of the anticipated printed services through the internet, allowing big exposure and a low-cost operation.

On November 5th, 2010, the domain was purchased to symbolise an information website about Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire. All was ready – a launch was the next thing to get on with.

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 seen the Cumbernauld News run a story on the website; carrying an interview with founder Scott Campbell, speaking of civic pride and a unique online service. That day, the website hit the web alongside our Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

At the time boasted a small blog and minimally detailed information pages, with key local contacts, helplines and dates, including bank, public and school holidays. The idea was strong, the delivery, then, was poor.

By 2011, had rapidly changed, from an amateur operation to a professional media establishment, mainly due to the help of Cumbernauld resident Bill Henry, who volunteered his excellent abilities to assist the website with photography.

In 2012, was looking forward and choose to undergo a rebranding exercise; becoming Cumbernauld Online, and finally, Cumbernauld Media, with the new Cumbernauld Media then an even more professional operation, with an ever-improving website. 

In today’s times

Now, Cumbernauld Media is purely online and is forging a reputation as being a top-quality, professional news organisation, whose website has additional help pages, history sections and advice. 

In an average week our website takes in 3,000 readers, with our contact list now including key public and private organisations – something unthinkable back in November 2010; both factors which spur on our desire to develop and build upon our successes and learn from our mistakes, because Cumbernauld Media IS Cumbernauld’s local website.

Meet the team

Below are the names of people who help to make Cumbernauld Media successful. The people named below have helped us by contributing, editing, researching or writing stories. Of course, there are the many other clubs, groups, individuals and organisations who help us also – but they know who they are. 

Learn more about them by visiting

Arthur Stackpool, Sport (Cumbernauld Colts);
Bill Henry, Photographer (Voluntary);
Gregg McClymont, Labour MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East;
Jamie Hepburn, SNP MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth;
John Allan, Blogger; 
John Miller, Community activist;
John Rafferty, Sport (Kilsyth United)
Kevin McVey, Political Blogger;
Scott Campbell, Editor.

Our logos; past and present

Have a look at the logos which we have, and do use, so that in the future you will recognise the team by the icon on their badges. 
Above: First Logo
Above: Second Logo
 Above: Third Logo
 Above: Fourth Logo
Above: Fifth Logo
Above: Sixth Logo

Above: Seventh Logo

Above: Current Logo

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