And we're back! Cumbernauld Media returns to cover the #IndyRef

Written by Scott Campbell. Scott Campbell
Published at 21:02 on 25 April 2014.
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We're back with a fresh, new look.

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No – you’re eyes are not deceiving you; we’re back! Okay, okay – that’s enough applause, you’re too kind. Yes, we are back online, and we’re ready to report on the biggest decision which you and I will ever face in our lifetime. That’s right, between the 26th and 28th of September, we’ll all face an important choice; who to back for this year’s Ryder Cup, in Gleneagles. 

Okay, so, we may be back but the jokes are just as bad, I concede that. However, Cumbernauld Media are back and in the hot seat, poised and ready to get back to the keyboards and out to the local meetings once again to bring you the latest campaigning ahead of Scotland’s big vote, this September.

In case you happened to have missed it lately, let me fill you in. The Scottish National Party (SNP) Scottish Government have announced that there will be place a referendum on whether or not Scotland should leave the United Kingdom and become an independent country. Scots will be asked ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ in a referendum on September 18th, this year. All you have to do is answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and history will be made. Do you have chills and goose bumps yet?

Well, even if you don’t, I do; this decision will be historic and with little to do over the summer period – apart from various Gala Days, community projects and local meetings – I’ve given the site a much needed revamp and dedicated the site to reporting on the local ‘Better Together’ and ‘Yes Scotland’ campaigns, as they set out their cases against and for Scottish independence. 

The website has been given a somewhat more aesthetically pleasing feel, with the horizontal navigation more prominent than ever; the new header is red and means that the search box will stand out; the background of the top part of the page is a dark grey gradient as to draw your focus to the main content of the page; and, of course, the horizontal navigation buttons are all green (or sky blue, if you move your cursor over them). These newly styled buttons will also include ‘hot topics’ and these will be in the format of ‘hashtags’ which will allow you to connect and search the site for the most popular article topic. And, what’s best is that the website now automatically adjusts to mobile browsers, so no more having to use ‘’. 

Now, as well as a new colour pallet for the website, you’ll also be seeing some new names pop up throughout the website, with key campaigners from both the pro-UK and pro-independence campaigns invited to regularly contribute to the website, without the need for editing beforehand. That means, in short, that there will be guest contributors publishing their own views, pictures and other content on Cumbernauld Media in the run up to September’s referendum. Around this we’ll also be talking to key figures in both camps and bringing you news from the local campaigns, as well as national news, regarding to the referendum. 

Let’s get cracking – September 18th here we come. 

If you’ve got any pictures or stories then get in touch with us. You can contact us through the website, e-mail us, get in touch via Facebook and tweet us on Twitter

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