Cumbernauld Media launches #IndyRef project with town's Yes campaign

Written by Cumbernauld Media.
Published at 14:33 on 11 May 2014.
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Yes Cumbernauld.

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CUMBERNAULD Media are pleased to announce today (11th May 2014) a new project with the local pro-independence campaign group, ‘Yes Cumbernauld’.

Our new collaboration with the town’s ‘Yes’ campaign means that, in the run-up to the independence referendum, you’ll be able to better understand the arguments being made by the campaign which advocates a Scottish split from the United Kingdom.

As part of the project, a new static page has been created at; with the page including the social media details for the Yes Cumbernauld group, the latest political news in Cumbernauld, news from the Scottish Government and updates Yes Scotland, relating to the referendum. 

The new page will also include podcasts and videos in due course, as we invite local ‘Yes’ campaigners for their reasons for backing Scottish independence. The videos will then be uploaded to our Youtube channel and displayed on the ‘Yes Cumbernauld and Kilsyth’ page. Furthermore, activists at Yes Cumbernauld have now been given a blog space on the ‘Yes’ page which means campaigners will post regularly to the page and update us on their work ahead of the referendum.

Cumbernauld Media remains neutral on the question of whether or not Scotland should be an independent country, but this new project is aimed at helping you – the reader – to better understand the issues and matters surrounding the campaigns for and against Scottish independence. 

Scots will go to the polls on 18th September and answer the ‘Yes/No’ question, ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’. 

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