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Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011.

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CUMBERNAULDNL.INFO have caught up with Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and East Kirkintilloch MP, Gregg McClymont.
Gregg was brought up in Cumbernauld and despite living in America for a while Gregg has returned home to become Cumbernauld's Member of Parliament.
Our first question that we put to Gregg was: What was it like growing up in Cumbernauld?
“Cumbernauld isn't so different from when I was growing up. It’s still got loads of green space and is still a great place to live.”
What are some of your favourite past times, of Cumbernauld?
“I always remember going up to Palacerigg to play golf and find golf balls but basically I played football constantly.  Kicking a ball about the streets, with my friends and then playing for Kildrum Boys Club for many years”
Where did you live as a young boy, and do you still live locally?
"I and my family used to live in the Ainslie Road flats, in Kildrum.

"Yes. My parents still live Kildrum but I live in Condorrat. I miss being five minutes from Cumbernauld Park.”

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What do you think of “Current Cumbernauld”?
“Well everything changes. However, Cumbernauld remains successful. In my opinion Cumbernauld is a very good place to live.
"I'd say that a major change to Cumbernauld has been the creation of the new houses on the other side of the A80, which were not there when I was growing up.
"Cumbernauld certainly stands comparison to most places I have worked and lived." 
In your opinion, does Cumbernauld get a rough deal from North Lanarkshire Council?
"The claim that North Lanarkshire Council treats Cumbernauld unfairly is more complicated than sometimes presented.
"It’s not a black and white issue.
"It’s worth remembering that local authorities including North Lanarkshire have limited powers compared to the UK Government and the Scottish Government, who make the really big decisions about tax and spending as they affect our lives but for which local government sometimes gets the blame."
Who have been your political heroes, over the years?

“I have many political heroes but one stand really stands out is Clement Attlee, one of the former Labour Party leaders and prime minster.”
Did your time in America, play a big role in “your politics”?

“Well, American politics is different from UK politics; it was certainly interesting and is fierce fought.”

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