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A Step Forward

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday 24th March, 2011
CUMBERNAULD House Trust has received word today that the Planning Committee site visit to Cumbernauld House will be held on Tuesday 22nd March. 

On this day a public hearing will also be held where the current planning application to convert the early 18th Century, grade A listed property and associated land into 10 residential properties.
The public hearing will be held at 11am at the Civic Centre in Motherwell. The Trust finds the time and location of this public hearing to be ridiculous and representations to North Lanarkshire Council to hold the hearing within Cumbernauld, and at a more convenient time, have been rejected.
Cumbernauld House is, naturally, a Cumbernauld issue but with extensive support, underlined by the national and international objections which have been lodged with North Lanarkshire Council, and supported by, registered charity, Cumbernauld House Trust’s 3000 members on Facebook.
For a public hearing, designed to capture the views of the local community, to be held on a mid-week, morning timeslot, almost 20 miles away is a very real snub to the people of Cumbernauld and, conveniently for North Lanarkshire Council, will result in a minimal attendance.
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Since the local authority reorganisation in 1996 Cumbernauld has been governed from Motherwell, even though Cumbernauld remains the largest town in North Lanarkshire with a population almost 20,000 greater (Source: North Lanarkshire Council key facts October 2010). For the largest town in the area, Cumbernauld lies largely underrepresented within the Council with neither of North Lanarkshire’s Provost, Deputy Provost, Leader, or Deputy Leader being from Cumbernauld, and with, disproportionately, only 3 members of the 23 member Planning and Transportation Committee hailing from the town.
Cumbernauld House Trust commented: "We would ask the people of Cumbernauld, and our elected officials, to contact North Lanarkshire Council on 01698 302726, or by e-mail to the Central Services department via, to make their feelings known.
"The Trust hopes North Lanarkshire Council will do the right thing, and take the unusual step, of hearing about a Cumbernauld issue in Cumbernauld."

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