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North Lanarkshire Council approve Cumbernauld House planning

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday 31st March, 2011.
AT A planning meeting today (March 31st), held at the Motherwell Civic Centre, North Lanarkshire Council approved planning on Cumbernauld House.
The campaign to save the house has been going one year and seemed to have the backing of the council all of the way. However, in a shock u- turn at today’s public hearing saw North Lanarkshire Council change their direction and support planning applications which will affect the historic Cumbernauld House.
Once again North Lanarkshire Council didn't give us a comment, instead burying their head in the sand.
The hearing caused outrage between Cathie Craigie, Jamie Hepburn and Cumbernauld and Kilsyth and East Kirkintilloch MP, Gregg McClymont and numerous Cumbernauld councillors when North Lanarkshire Council refused to hold the hearing locally saying that, "Over the last 15 years numerous hearings on planning applications, many of which have been in Cumbernauld and its environs, have been held in the Civic Centre, Motherwell."
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At the hearing the applicants, CHB Developments Ltd, had the chance to speak for five minutes, followed by the objectors. Questions from the Planning Committee were then heard and the final decision to approve the application was announced.

Cumbernauld House Trust had legal representation to speak on their behalf. Two Trustees also spoke in opposition to the developer’s plans to convert the grade A listed, 280 year old building and grounds into ten residential properties.

Despite a great effort the house's fate was sealed as North Lanarkshire Council bowed to the developer's demands.  

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