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Non-Cumbernauld Councillors had a "playground" attitude at Motherwell hearing

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday 31st March, 2011.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

AS THE hearing to determine Cumbernauld House's future ended, The Cumbernauld House Trust has revealed that some councillors in the chamber heckled the Trust whilst they were presenting their arguments.
With only a handful of Cumbernauld councillors on the Planning and Transportation Committee it was inevitable that the planning application would be approved.
Councillors were said to have bad mouthed Cumbernauld as well as the house, in addition to having an overall disgusting attitude towards the hearing.
Comments made by other councillors (not from Cumbernauld) showed blatantly that they had not bothered to read any form of documentation prior to the hearing. 

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One member a Councillor Taggart from Murdostoun (who lives in Wishaw) stated at one point that he had read all about Colzium House and the architect John Adam, showing a lack of knowledge and preparation beforehand.

One councillor from Motherwell North, Councilor McKenna openly mocked the Cumbernauld House Trust, saying: "If you had 3000 members why didn’t you form a neighbourhood watch and all patrol the park to make it safer!" 

Two other councillors, Councillor Brooks, from Coatbridge South and Councillor Maginnis, from Coatbridge West, also spoke opening against the Trust.  Firstly claiming that the Cumbernauld House Trust hadn’t presented an alternative, when they had and  then both Councillors talked at length about issues of historic buildings in their areas and rubbished anything that the Trust were saying, having a clear childish attitude.

Councillors heckled and harangued the Trust's speakers, throughout the hearing which was described as "something from the playground." in a blog post by the Cumbernauld House Trust. 

In the end, the council voted 9 to 4 in favour of the proposal with all 4 votes being from Cumbernauld councillors.

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