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Cumbernauld citizens are cross at Council's Cumbernauld House decision

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday 31st March, 2011.
ONLY hours ago, North Lanarkshire Council's Planning and Transportation Committee gathered in Motherwell's Civic Centre to decide on the fate of Cumbernauld House.
Despite a hard fought battle CHB Developments, the company who currently own the house won and were granted planning permission which will see the A -listed historic house converted into ten residential properties.
All of the nine councillors attending, four who were Cumbernauld councillors voted against whereas the other nine committee members in attendance voted in favour of the planning application.
Since the announcement emails of anger have flooded into
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Michelle Heron said: "This decision is totally ridiculous! If the house was in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire Council would be doing everything in its power to have it kept and maintained but since it’s in Cumbernauld they will let it waste."
Bill Henry said: "Here we go again. Cumbernauld is not a priority with North Lanarkshire Council, they were given a new town they didn't want in the first place and boy does it show, North Lanarkshire Council don’t give a hoot about Cumbernauld."
Brian Steel said: "Until North Lanarkshire Council starts looking after Cumbernauld I certainly won't be paying council tax. I thought you paid council tax to make your community services better. But I won't be paying it just to help out the rest of NLC if it’s not getting used in Cumbernauld!"
Gayle Anderson said: "This decision is incredibly disappointing. North Lanarkshire Council really are trying to make a joke out of Cumbernauld. They wasted £950'000 on those pointless, hideous neon green 'waves', £250'000 on that massive vile mermaid, they have really let us down."

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