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Cumbernauld's Got Talent finalists announced

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Friday 1st April, 2011.
ON MARCH 20th nearly forty contestants showed off their talents to the Cumbernauld's Got Talent Judging Panel.
The event which was in aid of the Scottish Spina Bifida Association, raised over £400 and gave people the opportunity to share their talent and win the chance to perform at the annual "Fun In The Park" event held at Cumbernauld Community Park, on June 5th
Now though, only days ago, the final thirteen contestants were announced and will show you who they are.
The judging panel consisted of:
-Michelle McManus - Pop Idol winner 2003 and co-star of STV's The Hour
-Graham Downie - Principal Teacher of Expressive Arts (Art, Drama and Music) at Stonelaw High School, Rutherglen
-Stephanie Rice - Events Management Student & part-time model
-Ann Kay- Headteacher of Whitelees Primary School, Cumbernauld
-Jack Shennan - Editor of the Cumbernauld News
-Richard Mayne - General Manager of the Westerwood Hotel, Cumbernauld
For more information on the event visit the Cumbernauld Community Park Website or log onto theScottish Spina Bifida Website and donate at any time.
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The final thirteen:
Caiomhe Smith
Eleven year old, Caiomhe Smith, from Broadwood performed in the first session singing Someone Like You by Adele.
Graham Downie said: "She was sensational, her breathing was superb and her dynamics very effective." 
Ann Kay thought she had a fantastic mature voice and Stephanie Rice said Beyonce and Rihanna will need to watch out. For Jack Shennan it was the act of the night so far. He had been immersed and said it was a performance someone twice Caiomhe's age would be proud of.

Carrie Fleming

Carrie from South Carbrain studies at Cumbernauld College and sang Make You Feel My Love by Adele. The judges thought she gave a flawless performance with very powerful dynamics. Jack Shennan, editor of the Cumbernauld News  said if he had hair, then it would have made the hair at the back of his neck stand up.


Chloe Reid

When Chloe registered she said she loves to sing and you could certainly tell that she does. She engaged the audience the whole time and never stopped smiling. She seemed to make eye contact individually with everyone in the room. Added to that she has a fantastic voice. She sang Mr Rock'n'Roll by Amy MacDonald. Michelle agreed with all the other judges, and commented that upbeat songs can be hard to sing and so well done for a great performance.



Three cousins with lots of attitude who delighted all the judges with their street dance performance. Graham Downie said they were a legend in the making, and Michelle McManus thanked them for making her smile.


A dance troupe ranging in age from 6 to 11 including our celebrity judge Michelle McManus' wee cousin. The judges described them as electric, very professional, well rehearsed with perfect timing. Michelle asked "Can I be in Dejavu? Get me one of those outfits and I'm there."



This group of three friends delighted the crowd with a mix of dance and gymnastic moves. One of the judges thought we might even see some of the moves in the Olympics one day, another said they were explosive and amazing for being able to keep smiling the whole way through whilst remembering all the steps.



Karly Donald

A capella performance by young solo singer Karly Donald  from Carrickstone who sang Adele's Make You Feel My Love. She really impressed the judges by maintaining the tune the whole way through without any backing track. She brought a tear to Ann Kay's eye and Stephanie Rice was amazed that such a big voice could come out of such a small girl.


Laura Ferguson

This talented female from Condorrat sang I Will Always Love You.Although a really difficult song to sing, Laura has a fantastic range and managed to hit the high notes way up there every time. Michelle McManus was surprised that Laura was auditioning in Cumbernauld's Got Talent and not already making music full time. Richard Mayne said she was absolutely brilliant, she owned the stage and he thought he had just fallen in love.



Marc McGregor

Guitarist and singer Marc from Abronhill had no need for a backing track. He has been playing the guitar for 10 years and singing for about 5. He gave a relaxed confident performance. Ann Kay said he had a strong voice with great timing. Michelle complimented him on his lovely guitar playing and mic control especially when he went for the big notes.


Natasha Keddie

Natasha has been dancing for 6 years. She gave a really energetic and enthusastic performance which exhausted some people just watching her. As the closing act of the first session, Jack Shennan said she just answered the question - does Cumbernauld have Talent? It does indeed!




Niall Ferns

Just 9 years old, Niall has been singing for 6 years. He sang Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. The judges thought he was brilliant and liked his swagger. It was a confident performance well beyond his years and the way he controlled the upper notes was very impressive for his age.


Nicole Simpson

Nicole sang Happiness by Alexis Jordon. She gave a very confident performance that impressed all of the judges. Graham Downie said she had a beautiful vibrato, so even - it was excellent. Michelle McManus described the performance as fantastic, and could genuinely say it was her favourite so far.


Stephanie Low

The last act of the evening session and what a way to finish. Stephanie sang True Colours by Glee. She is a great singer and gave a great performance. Her diction was so clear that every word could be heard even at the back of the hall. Michelle McManus said she had heard the song a million times and if Stephanie's version was available she would download it because it was beautiful.
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