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Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Saturday 2nd April, 2011.
ON MARCH 31st at the Motherwell Civic Centre, North Lanarkshire Council's Planning and Transportation Committee met to determine the fate of Cumbernauld House.
The end result was that the four Cumbernauld councillors present voted against the planning application, however, the other nine (non Cumbernauld) Councillors present voted in favour of the planning application.
The planning application being passed now means that Cumbernauld House could well be converted into ten residential properties.
During the hearing, at Motherwell, numerous Councillors were either unprepared or unprofessional. Some Councillors even heckled and downed the Trust and their arguments.
With massive public dismay at this announcement, which was blogged on the Cumbernauld House Trust website, have decided to picture and name the councillors that Cumbernauld House Trust have names, exclusively.

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PICTURED LEFT: Councillor Helen McKenna.
PARTY: Labour Party
ELECTED: 01/ May/ 2003
CONSTITUENCY: Motherwell North
TELEPHONE: 01698 260989
ADDRESS: 14 Aberlour Place, Carfin, Motherwell, ML1 4FX
During proceedings Ms McKenna mocked the Trust's 3'000 supporters and suggested that they should patrol the park to deter anti- social behaviour.
PICTURED LEFT: Councillor Thomas Maginnis.
PARTY: Labour Party
ELECTED: 01/ April/ 1996
CONSTITUENCY: Coatbridge West
TELEPHONE: 01236 422163
ADDRESS: 2 Dunnachie Drive, Coatbridge, ML5 5SB
During proceedings Mr Maginnis rubbished what the Trust were saying and constantly spoke over and heckled the Trust, when the were attempting to present their case, he also accussed the Trust of having presented no alternative; a false allegation.
PICTURED LEFT: Councillor James Brooks.
PARTY: Labour Party
ELECTED: 01/ April/ 1996
CONSTITUENCY: Coatbridge South
TELEPHONE: 01236 420884
ADDRESS: 39 Tweed Street, Coatbridge, ML5 4LH
During proceedings Mr Brooks heckled the ongoing proceedings and spoke openly againist the Trust, demonstrating a clear bias againist them and their argument.
PICTURED LEFT: Councillor John Taggart.
PARTY: Scottish National Party
ELECTED: 04/ May/ 2005
TELEPHONE: 01698 384204
ADDRESS: 36 Mossneuk Park,  Wishaw, ML2 8LT
Although Mr Taggart was not involved with trashing the Trust he did demostrate a lack of preparation and knowledge as he talked about Colzium House, a council owned building, in Kilsyth.
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