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Cumbernauld cabbies feel the pinch

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Sunday 10th April, 2011.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and used on his courtesy. caught up with Cumbernauld Taxi's to see how increased fuel rises were affecting their business.
Cumbernauld Taxis have been based in Cumbernauld for almost thirty years and is the original and local cab company for Cumbernauld.
Recently, Cumbernauld fuel hit a high of £1.36 and were not surprised to find that Cumbernauld Taxis were tightening the belt.
Cumbernauld Taxi Secretary and part owner Jim Bradley said: "It costs £80 odds to fill a black cab up. The people that are running of the country don't have a clue how badly this affects everyone. They should get out into the real world and see the state of things for themselves."
Due to the fuel price increase Cumbernauld Taxis have been forced to go to North Lanarkshire Council to discuss fare increases, although nothing has been confirmed, Jim was worried in case customers abandoned them. Commenting Jim then said: "Our company is built as a co- operative. Every driver is part owner. It would be a shame to see drivers go. We are also worried about losing customers if fares do go up.
"In our view the customer is king. We have always thought this way and we always will."
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Unable to find the associated list page. was shocked to discover that the company has the fifth lowest fare structure, in the whole of the United Kingdom, an achievement that everyone at Cumbernauld Taxis was proud of.
Jim continued; "Hackneys are the dearest things to keep on the road and with thirty- eight drivers its extremely expensive. We're all going bankrupt. We are all hoping that the Government change their minds and try and help us, for a change."
So when you book for a taxi, book local. Remember Cumbernauld Taxis. Set up in 1979 and growing ever since, don't let us loose them.
For more information click onto their website at or telephone them on 01236 738383.
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