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North Lanarkshire Council cuts close down frontline care home

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Tuesday 19th April, 2011.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

NORTH Lanarkshire Council are not known for closing facilities quietly, usually there is a fight and it’s spilled out into the media.
The building which is owned outright by North Lanarkshire Council was not due for demolition for Sanctuary Cumbernauld's "High Rise Project" but was slashed by North Lanarkshire Council's cuts.
In times of difficulty North Lanarkshire Council seem to be wasting money.
Nearly £1million went to the "neon waves." Lights which can't be turned on, ironic and now £115'000 will go towards making a new Town Centre logo, STV Cumbernauld revealed.
Why are North Lanarkshire Council wasting money when they could use it to protect our services?
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North Lanarkshire Council quietly put to one side the refurbishment of Cumbernauld schools such as Greenfaulds High School, sold off Cumbernauld House and slashed our gritting routes in half, during the harshest ever winter.
So now because they've wasted money, which we, the citizens pay them they are forced to shut down a front line service – care.
Ochilview House has been closed for four weeks was originally a care home and community facility. Providing help and care elderly people throughout the community.
It’s amazing that in these times of constraint North Lanarkshire Council will allow our schools to crumble and our front line services to shut down, pack off and disappear, yet they will fork out £1million for lights that can't be turned on and a new logo that’s not even needed.
It is unknown where exactly the residents have been moved to but the building will be left to rot. That’s a certainty.
North Lanarkshire Council declined to comment.

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