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Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Tuesday 19th April, 2011.
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YESTERDAY afternoon (April 18th) caught up with Kenny Faichnie, one of the airport's senior Operations Officers.
One of the things that we politely pointed out was that the clock time was an hour behind; Mr Faichnie pointed it out to us that aviation time never changes and that the whole aviation world uses UK English and runs on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT.)
Kenny told us the story of the airport and how when it first started back in 1966 it was nothing but a stretch up grass, with a portakabin at the end of what is now the concrete runway.
Cumbernauld AirPort officially opened back in 11th of August 1989, after a £2million cash investment, from owner George Cormack and other investors.
Kenny said: "When the airport first opened we had no firefighters or petroleum officers, we were too busy getting engineers and other personnel located at the airport, which we forgot about the necessities.
"So when I first started, at Cumbernauld Airport, I was given a job of being one of the airport's firefighters."
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Kenny, who is ex-forces, told us that he hadn't planned on working at the airport for the fourteen year duration, he has done so far.

Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.
He had previously tried for two other jobs, out with aviation and was unsuccessful, by the time he was offered a job in Heathrow family commitments forced him back home, where he was asked to come to Cumbernauld Airport.
Each week Kenny helps land and direct over two- hundred planes. Kenny said: "Whatever takes off must touch down again, maybe not at Cumbernauld Airport, but somewhere."
Despite people's idea of Cumbernauld Airport it is still a busy transportation hub. The airport sees private jets and helicopters land nearly every seven minutes, and Cumbernauld Airport can see 14'000 planes land and take off, every year.

Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.
Kenny continued: "I've never worked nine till five in my life, this isn't a regular job.
"I really enjoy my job here, but it’s a career that requires massive amounts of concentration and multitasking. I have to track every movement of every plane must be recorded, and one of my jobs is to ensure these targets are met."
Kenny's job at Cumbernauld Airport isn't an easy one. Working from eight am until eight pm, Kenny can take on numerous tasks, from air traffic control to refuelling aircraft.

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