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Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Wednesday 20th April, 2011.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

TWELVE years ago Paul Devlin had an ambitious dream, to set up his own business. After dipping his hands deep into his pockets Paul set up Paulshalls Studios.

The studios, which are located on Glencryan Road, Cumbernauld are fully equipped to handle everyone's needs, from bands to individuals.

Commenting, on the studio's customers Paul said: “On average, in a normal week, I can see over twenty- five bands through the doors, for rehearsals.

“We get a lot of bands and groups and people coming in for lessons, we are increasing in popularity.”

Paul, who moved to Cumbernauld in 1992, previously worked at the garage adjacent to where the studio now stands.

Paul continued, “I often dreamed of owning my own business and becoming self- sufficient.

“When I first started the studio I thought that I was the first person to start a rehearsal hall, I was new and over the years I have learned.

“I had a steep learning curve to overcome, but eventually I trained myself and picked up tips from freelance engineers, who also book the studio out, from time to time."

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The studio accommodates over forty students on a Monday night, for lessons and Paul often gets to his best at one in the morning.

We asked, Paul: So what's next for the studio?

“Well, we're hoping to shortly have a live internet feed of studio acoustic broadcasts."

The interviewed continued; so why set up in Cumbernauld?

“Me and my partner were living locally and starting up a family, and seeing as I was going to be a full time parent it was the most convenient location for me and my soon to be family commitments.”

Commenting, on the studio, Mr Devlin said:

“The studio is at a point I like, it’s been twelve years in the making. It is established and looks ready to turn a profit.

"For a rehearsal studio to gain a decent reputation it needs and has taken years of development. The recording studio also has to carryout loads of discounted and free work to get recordings out there for bands and artists to hear, apart from that, the equipment and acoustics had to be learned changed and learned again for 7 years to get to this point where bands can get a good enough recording for radio broadcast."

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