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Inside the Cumbernauld Mosque

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Wednesday 20th April, 2011.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

THE gates were unlocked as was warmly welcome into the Cumbernauld Mosque, at Craighalbert for a tour of the fantastic building.
There are over 300 Muslim families living in Cumbernauld and they have been trying to build a local Mosque for over thirty years.
The Mosque is purely community focused and although there is no fixed master plan Azhar Din, Secretary for the Islamic Educational Trust for Cumbernauld estimated that the Mosque could be completed in a years’ time. caught up with Azhar Din, the Secretary for the Islamic Educational Trust for Cumbernauld and he kindly showed us around the Mosque.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

Mr Din commented on the Mosque: "Once the Mosque is completed we would like to run day activities, host educational classes and conferences, in the available rooms.
"People who are not Muslims are more than welcome to come to the Mosque; we will have a lot of things on that will be relevant to the community.
"We would like the Mosque to become part of the heritage of Cumbernauld; the Cumbernauld story so to speak."
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Where the Mosque stands at present was destined to become a town park, as part of development plans. The Islamic Educational Trust for Cumbernauld bought the land on which the Mosque currently stands on and so far construction costs have totalled over £1million with the finished costs estimated at around £1.8million.
Sadly, however, the start of the construction work at the Mosque encountered problems. From the nearby Cumbernauld Community Park people were throwing stones and other dangerous objects at the windows of the Mosque; forcing the windows to be boarded up and the project delayed.

Currently, local Muslims pray at Mosque facilities at Coatbridge, Glasgow, Motherwell and Stirling and under pre-arranged locations in Cumbernauld.
The Mosque is one of very few to have facilities for women, available.
The prayer hall can hold a maximum of 400 people, and the Women's prayer hall can hold 180, with additional facilities available. The building itself is 1100m2
The ground-breaking ceremony took place no more than a year ago and once the construction is completed the official opening will be done "most likely by a scholar", Azhar told us.
Plans for the Mosque include education, educated young people about the religion and seeing how Muslims carry out their beliefs; community, the Islamic Educational Trust for Cumbernauld (IETC) want to open the Mosque up to everyone, using it for local clubs, groups, conferences; history, the IETC want to see the Mosque become part of Cumbernauld history, meaning that truly the community is mixed and can come together.

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