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Written by Angela Martin.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday 21st April, 2011.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

CUMBERNAULDNL.INFO caught up with North Lanarkshire Council's Provost, Councillor Tom Curley and put a selection of questions to him.
Which of the North Lanarkshire towns do you live in?
"I'm from Chapelhall. I've lived there all my live, I still do. I'm a 'villager', so to speak."
How does it make you feel to be Provost?
"I feel great being Provost. It’s a great job, the best job, I get so much fun out of it and it lets you do things you can only dream of."

How long have you been involved in North Lanarkshire council, have you been involved in other councils?
"In 1996, I was a councillor at Monklands for 4 years; as long as my health is ok I will continue to stand."
Was politics always something you were interested in?

"Yes I always have been, my mother and father always spoke about it in the house."
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Did you always want to be a Councillor?
"I was a reluctant Councillor, a friend and I joined our local Labour Party, which grew from strength to strength."
What are your duties as Provost?
"To be a Councillor, is the main duty. I also represent the people, go out on 'meet and greet' invitations and conduct educational visits."
How long can you be Provost?
"You can be a Provost for one term, one term being a period of four years."
How long have you been Provost?
"I was previously a Depute Provost for four years and I've been the Provost for four years, so my term is nearly up."

Once a Provost steps down what is the process by which a new Provost is elected?
"A Depute Provost can take the old Provost's place; otherwise a new Provost is elected at a council meeting."

Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

Who would you say are your political and life influences?
"John Smith. He was a fantastic down to earth man, and nice into the bargain.
"I also admire Nelson Mandela for his determination and his dedication is an amazing feat."

When not at work what do you like to involve yourself in?

"I like to go to the gym and watch football, especially Glasgow Celtic, I've always been a supporter, but nothing comes before the job."

What did you do before you became provost?
"In my life I have been a professional footballer, where I played for Celtic under 15s, I was self-employed, for a while and then I worked for Caterpillar."
Have you met anyone famous?

"Yes. I have met Prince Andrew, the Queen, Princess Anne and Rod Stewart, but as always the people of the community are most important, for instance,  I recently attended a 100th birthday celebration."
And finally, what do you think of Cumbernauld?

"I like Cumbernauld. Whenever I'm through, in Cumbernauld, I'm respected for being there and I always get treated well."

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