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Sam has big plans to take her M.E. message wide

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Friday 6th May, 2011.

WHEN I'm ill or feeling low I curl up under my duvets and surround myself with empty aspirin packets, but for Samantha McInnes having M.E. means that she has a unique chance; a chance to educate the world and help others.
A couple of weeks ago I released an article on Ms McInnes which allowed readers a unique glimpse into Sam's life, an article which is still very popular until today.
But now Samantha is planning to take her message from the internet and channel it into a local group, she hopes to have up and running soon.
On her Twitter, Ms McInnes said: "Hey all, after a large response from local people with M.E I am considering starting up a group were people with M.E can meet up and talk with others going through the same thing."
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Sam's positive outlook on life and her happy attitude has granted her hundreds of followers and thousands of regular sight viewers.
Samantha continued: "If you live in Cumbernauld/Moodiesburn/Kirkintilloch or surrounding areas and are interested in joining the group, then get in touch."
Samantha's blog has evoked severe emotion from some viewers and offers a helping hand, of friendship to others; the very same reasons why Sam wants to set up a local support group.
Although no dates or locations have been confirmed Sam hopes to have to group going in the near future and would encourage people, with ME, to get involved and show their support by emailing her at

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