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Cumbernauld Enviromental Society meeting, 26th May

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Sunday 29th May, 2011.
Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

DAUR and Prosper – in other words, dare to do and then prosper from your actions, but who is there to make sure that Cumbernauld does prosper? The newly formed Cumbernauld Environmental Society is.
Cumbernauld had the pleasure of a sit in, in the Cumbernauld Environmental Society's latest meeting, held on May 26th, at Palacerigg Country Park.
A number of issues, problems and business were discussed, ranging from the Cumbernauld "waves project" to paving and Cumbernauld Community Park.
In attendance were Bobby Johnstone, former district councillor and committee member of the Cumbernauld Cultural Forum, Margaret Smillie, Chair of the Dullatur Community Council and Brian Thomson, the Assistance Business Manager of Greenspace Development, Environmental Services, at North Lanarkshire Council.
Commenting, at the meeting, Bobby Johnstone said: "One of the reasons why this group was started was to bring everyone together; everyone, in Cumbernauld, has a say, even though they might not know it or share the same views."
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Upon arrival, Brian Thomson was speaking. He was talking about support and working with the community.
"We cannot be everywhere at once. The fact is that North Lanarkshire Council have achieved more with its funding, than some other council. Because North Lanarkshire Council are investing and distributing its money more carefully our wooded areas are enjoyed more, by many people; with new pavements and foliage."
Moving onto funding support, Brian said: "There are very simple ways of getting funding these days. I and my colleagues will be more than happy to help and guide your organisation through the grant process.
"We want to work with community and 'friend' groups, across North Lanarkshire, to better community strengths."
The next issue to be discussed was feedback.
Chairman, Bobby Johnstone said: "We want to consult the people, using the town centre; taking North Lanarkshire Council approved plans to them and asking them what their thoughts are on the matter. Feedback is crucial.
"We would carry out the surveys at the town centre as it’s the hub of the town and everyone has a say. However, at the same time, we must accept that we have to be careful not to step on the community's toes."

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