Jumping through hoops to save the Cumbernauld Chiefs
Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Sunday, 26th June, 2011.
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ON JUNE 17th, 2011, Cumbernauldnl.info caught up with Cumbernauld Chiefs Basketball Club Coach, Jim Douglas.
We were startled to find that due to high letting costs and lack of sponsors, the club which means so much to so many, may have to close its doors for good.
The Cumbernauld Chiefs have been, in Cumbernauld, for nearly forty years and practices regularly all over Cumbernauld. To discuss the club's financial constraints, Cumbernauld reporter, Scott Campbell caught up with Coach and Sponsorship Manager, Mr Jim Douglas.
Commenting on the last established local club Mr Douglas said:
"Basketball is still a minority spot, in the UK, which is a shame though as it teaches its players discipline and respect, it’s also great for social purposes; getting people from all walks of life to come together and share the same interest.
"The Cumbernauld Chiefs have been around for nearly forty years and we still have one of the founders with us, coaching the players. We want to keep the club going and so we set up our principles and aims but principles don't mean anything when all your money is planted into letting charges."

Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

The Cumbernauld Chiefs told us that their objectives were to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, coaches and mentors who encourage and support kids of all ages to try Basketball, to help kids learn and grow through sport, including the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, being part of a team, respect for others and for the traditions of sport, and to enable our players to develop their talents, equipping them with skills for life and encouraging them to mentor the next generation of Chiefs.

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Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

Digging Deeper.
Cumbernauldnl.info wanted to know what the issues affecting the club, financially, were caused by and began by asking Jim about what issues were causing the club these headaches.
"We are simply squeezed financially. Nobody has any money at the present time and we're finding it too difficult to cope. Our main pay-outs go towards our venue rentals, referees and tournament entry fees. We will find a way through this. We don't want to put up costs for anything as higher costs will turn more people away, but we will seek further help and advice."
Mr Douglas went on to talk about how the wider community and politicians were helping the Cumbernauld Chiefs:
"Within the club there is a great energy being produced. The kids are coming up with some great ideas to help the club through, and we've been in touch with Jamie Hepburn MSP, who says he'll do what he can do. This is early days yet and anything we have planned in not set in concrete, yet."
Alternative Means.
Will you be fundraising, in order to save the Cumbernauld Chiefs?
"Yes, definitely. Fundraising will become absolutely necessary and we'll hopefully have some fundraisers up and running soon, I'm going to be in touch with local stores soon too, to discuss the possibilities of basket drops. However, as well as fundraising we are actively looking for sponsors."

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