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Is Cumbernauld missing out in the International Children's Games?

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Monday, 27th June, 2011.
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AFTER the major build of the new state of the art Broadwood Gym and the refurbishment of some of Cumbernauld's Golf Courses some people are left scratching their heads, in confusion, as to whether Cumbernauld is being ignored or is still in the race to have any connections with the 2011 International Children's Games.
Since the venue list was released some people have been left confused as why Cumbernauld- North Lanarkshire's biggest town was left out of the picture- was it an oversight or was it meant?
With over three golf courses, brand new football pitches and a glittering new health centre, at Broadwood, why was Cumbernauld left out? It was rumoured early on that some of Cumbernauld's schools would be redeveloped and used as Athlete's accommodation, however in an overheard conversation, with an un-named Councillor it was suggested that some of the redevelopment plans will not go ahead.

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A redevelopment would not only improve the educational environment but create excellent accommodation for the World's child athletes'. The sad fact is that with over one million pounds being used to construct the "neon waves" North Lanarkshire Council left a void which came back to bite them, causing them to close Ochilview House, Care Home, in Seafar, as part of cuts.
Could the cuts be the reason behind Cumbernauld being ignored, for the games? Make your feelings known on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
Venue Lists:
Badminton: Ravenscraig Regional Facility, Motherwell
Golf: Hamilton Golf Club
Football: Hamilton Palace Sports Grounds
Judo: Ravenscraig Regional Facility, Motherwell
Sailing: Strathclyde Park
Swimming: Dollan Aqua Centre, East Kilbride
Tennis: Esporta, Hamilton
Track and Field: John Wright Sports Centre, East Kilbride
Volleyball: Wishaw Sports Centre

Athlete's accommodation.

Athletes, coaches and heads of delegation will be accommodated in three of Lanarkshire's new high tech campus schools: St Andrew's & St Brides, East Kilbride; Holycross High School, Hamilton; St Andrew's, Coatbridge, as well as Dalziel High School, Motherwell.

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