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North Lanarkshire Council are going electric

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Monday, 27th June, 2011.
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A FEW years ago North Lanarkshire Council surveyed residents of its town to discover that most people supported recycling but now North Lanarkshire Council have gotten even greener by introducing twelve new electric vehicles to their car pool scheme.
The new cars are Mitsubishi i-MiEVs and emit zero exhaust fumes, meeting North Lanarkshire Council's objective of finding environmentally-friendly ways to work. However, as the cars are cheaper to run, the new pool additions will contribute to North Lanarkshire Council's two-year, £55 million savings package. The cars will contribute to the Council's two-year plan as there is no road tax and costs just £2 to charge the car overnight. North Lanarkshire Council announced that with these cars they expect to save over £150,000 in the next 18 months.

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Cumbernauld will play its part in North Lanarkshire Council's green outlook as some of the cars and associated charging equipment will be stationed at the council's office buildings at Cumbernauld's Fleming House. Other charging points and cars will be based at Motherwell's Civic Centre and Coatbridge's Kildonan Street.

Commenting, after the new cars were unveiled, Councillor Helen McKenna, Convener of the Environmental Services committee said: "We have a carbon management plan, we've been signatory to Scotland's Climate Change Declaration since 2007, our recycling rate is one of the best in Scotland and now we're investing in environmentally-friendly vehicles. These cars will help us reduce emissions - and they'll demonstrate to others that there are workable alternatives to petrol vehicles out there."

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