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Be a savvy saver and pinch those pennies

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Tuesday, 28th June, 2011.
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AS INFLATION rises and the price of commodities goes with it, Cumbernauld's local website gives you some helpful hints as to how to pinch those pennies and save yourself a bundle.
Use coupons. Coupons are a great way to save some money and get the products you need. Coupons come in a variety of formats. For instance you'll get online coupons, which you only need to print and take to the shop, or you get some great deals and competitions in newspapers or on television. Some great offers are available on Martin Lewis's website.
Season Ticket.
This one is for the Clyde fans. A Season Ticket is a great way to see all the matches, with little fuss. One ticket; big savings. However, a Season Ticket, from Clyde FC will also get you some fantastic offers from local and national stores, such as 20% off of North Lanarkshire Leisure membership. Visit the Clyde FC Website for more information.
Local Not National.
Local businesses and retailers are often better than big national companies. Small local businesses can give exclusive discounts and offers, that national companies fixed prices can't compete with. You can get a list of a few local businesses on our local directory page.

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Walking not driving.
Cumbernauld's unique design means that most people can reach our Town Centre within twenty minutes. A twenty minute walk is healthy and refreshing and saves money on fuel prices. So leave the car at home!
Cashback schemes.
For every purchase you make you could get a tidy sum back. Using online shops and services you could be earning back some of the money you spend. Get money back now using one of the best Cashback sites around, Quidco.
Sell, Sell, SELL!
Cumbernauld regularly plays host car boot sales, where car owners have the capacity to make a small fortune. Exploiting car boot sales can make you the big of dosh you need and will get rid of those belongings that clutter up your house.

Many Cumbernauld residents go out to Glasgow or Edinburgh for those week nights out. The fact is that you don't have to. Cumbernauld has many pubs and bars which regularly hold band, karaoke or quiz nights. As well as pubs and bars Cumbernauld has a Theatre which regularly housed fantastic shows.

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