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Bobby gives us his summary on May's Enivromental meeting

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Tuesday, 28th June, 2011.
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Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

AS THE Cumbernauld Environmental Society prepares to hold its next meeting, on June 30th, at 10am, at Palacerigg Country Park's Lecture Theatre, get a roundup of the group's last meeting, from Mr Bobby Johnstone, Chairman of the Cumbernauld Environmental Society.
The speaker on the on 26th May was Brian Thomson, Asst. Business Manager – NLC Greenspace Development, his subject was “Working Together” and the importance of working with and utilising the resources offered by North Lanarkshire Council departments. He added that if we have any suggestions for the improvement of the Cumbernauld Environment we should present them to Ken Wilson and copied to Brian and they will be treated the same as any other group. We acknowledged this as fair to all.

An invitation was extended to the group to attend the opening of the upgrades at St Maurice’s Pond on Friday 10th June. As I was on holiday Margaret Smillie and Kenny MacGregor attended. They were most impressed on the improvements made to the Pond and spend a most enjoyable morning taking in the various features with the view of using them in future projects. For example the wildflower meadow, chock full of interesting and colourful native flowers and block planting of wild flowers on the grass banking. The NLC representatives present were interesting and very helpful.

The bird/bat and bug boxes made by pupils of St Maurice’s High School under instruction of NLC Countryside Rangers were most impressive. A message of Thanks was sent to Brian Thomson and his NLC staff and colleagues..

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Moving on Bobby began to discuss the Environmentalist’s "Dullatur project."

The second day of the SS&E volunteer force was on 17 June and it couldn’t have been a worse day. It poured all day, the ten man (or should we say 9 men and a young lady) worked constantly and with good humour and finished most of the first phase.

Remaining plants were planted by members of Cumbernauld Rotary. A funding officer will meet with the group on Monday 27 June to source funding for the larger second phase. Mr John Colquhoun, a retired resident made two pieces of garden art for the long border.

During July Kenny MacGregor, Jack Banks will conduct a survey of land suitable for a community garden and allotments from the plans supplied by Kirsty Gray.

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