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Trash talk; Kilsyth residents are fed up with rubbish

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Wednesday, 29th June, 2011.
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KILSYTH campaigners have had enough of rubbish littering the town's car parks' and Main Street.
In a new Facebook group, to have been formed after the "Against Kilsyth Car Parking Charges" Group, Kilsyth residents are expressing their anger at the lack of bins in the area.

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In a post, on the group's wall, group administrator, John Rafferty says:
"One of the first problems that needs to be tackled is all the rubbish lying in the car parks behind both sides of the Main Street. There are nowhere near enough bins for all the flats & shops, and as the bins are of the cheap plastic variety & keep getting set on fire, a new solution needs to be found!"

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