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Cumbernauld MSP's worry about local Care Home's future

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday, June 30th, 2011.

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LOCAL MSP, Jamie Hepburn, is seeking clarification on the future status of the Southern Cross Care Home, in Cumbernauld Village. His calls come after a statement from the care provider that it had agreed a restructuring plan for its facilities, after earlier saying that the company was experiencing financial difficulties.

Southern Cross Care Homes, which has a care facility based on Cumbernauld Village's Auld Road, announced that its restructuring plan will be complete towards the end of year and will involve the transition of some homes to alternative operators whilst other homes remain with Southern Cross. 
After the unsettling news, Jamie contacted Southern Cross to ask for further clarification about how the care home in Cumbernauld Village will be affected.

In a letter, to Jamie Hepburn MSP, Southern Cross Care Homes Chief Executive, Jamie Buchan wrote: “Please be assured that the continuity and quality care for all of our residents will not be affected by the financial restructuring of the business and all stakeholders are unequivocal on this most important point.

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“The agreement that has been reached between Southern Cross and its Landlords last week is also important because it will help to end the inappropriate media speculation on a situation which Southern Cross and its Landlords have been working closely together to resolve and I do hope that we can now be left to get on with the business of taking each home and its residents forward to a more assured future without further impediment.

“I do recognise that there is continued interest in knowing what the future plans are for each individual home. To that end, I will shortly be writing to all local authorities and regulatory bodies to provide details of these plans and to invite them to work with us in ensuring that the operational implementation of the restructuring is appropriately co-ordinated. In the case of homes transferring to alternative operators, continuity of care for residents will be seamlessly maintained and care home staff treated fairly and with strict regard for their entitlements.  For clarity, let me also reassure you that no homes will close during the period of the restructuring.”

Commenting, Jamie told “There has been understandable concern and uncertainty following publicity about Southern Cross’ financial situation. The company has stated clearly that no care homes will close during the period of restructuring, and I am now seeking clarification about how the Southern Cross Care Home in Cumbernauld Village will be affected by this process.

“Nicola Sturgeon has already made it clear to reassure residents of Southern Cross homes and their families that the Scottish Government wants to ensure continuity of care for all residents, and that it is taking all necessary steps to make sure that Southern Cross residents remain in their current care homes.”

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