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Getting ready for her M.E. support group

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Saturday, 2nd July, 2011.
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Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy. 

CUMBERNAULDNL.INFO has followed the journey of Moodiesburn resident, Samantha McInnes, from the launch of her online blog to online and offline role model.
Sam's actions have inspired many and through Social Media she has been busy promoting her next venture; a local M.E. support group, for people from Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, Kirkintilloch and close surrounding areas.

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And as July beckons young Ms McInnes is getting prepared to hold the first, of many to come, support groups. The first support group will be held on Wednesday 6th July 2011, 7pm, at Moodiesburn Pivot Centre, on Glenmanor Avenue.
Writing in a promotion, Sam says: "I hope this group will become a place where people can come and share their experiences of this illness, make friends, laugh and escape life for a bit. Everyone is welcome and I look forward to meeting you all."

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