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Thorntons to disappear as the company reaches the big 100?

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Monday, 4th July, 2011.
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THE credit crunch has forced a famous chocolatier to consider closure.
As Government cuts bite and people are squeezed, forcing them to stop buying and start saving, many of our High Street stores are going into Administration and closing, taking jobs with them.
Famous chocolatier, Thorntons, is the latest casualty of the credit crunch, and the business is now rumoured to be closing over 180 stores, nationwide, taking with them over 1'000 jobs, from all areas of the organisation.
This news is extremely unsettling, for Cumbernauld, as the closure could take more vital jobs away from our town, after the Co-operative moves its Cumbernauld warehouse, to Motherwell.
The store, which is has been operating in the Antonine Shopping Centre, since the centre opened employs around 15 people, and could have its head on the chopping block for the axe of cuts, by the company.

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However, Thorntons will not be the only company to take jobs from Cumbernauld, due to financial constraints. As the Co-operative moves its warehouse to Motherwell, a source told that New Look is feeling the heat. A source told us that staff was warned of looming cuts, which may see the closure of its Cumbernauld branch.
A source, within Thorntons told us: "The facts are being ignored. Thorntons have told its employees to act like its 'business as usual.' Company cuts will have to be made, that’s inevitable, but they are yet to decide what stores will face the axe."
Thorntons, which has over 600 stores nationwide, declined to comment on the news, or tell us if the Cumbernauld store would be affected, however they showed concern that after 100 years they'd just disappear, from the High Street.
Continuing, our source added: "Thorntons will make the cuts on a sort of first come, first serve basis; closing stores as their leases expire. Their employees aren't being kept updated and are being told to keep quiet to people asking questions."

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