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Getting ready for the Cumbernauld 10K

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Tuesday, 5th July, 2011 .
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LAST year was the fourth Cumbernauld 10K and the event attracted 467 participants, which proved to be the biggest number yet, but 2011 brings the fifth 10K and Sunday (July 3rd) kirk started the ten week countdown to the annual Cumbernauld 1K, 3K and 10K. 

And, with the run just ten weeks away we here at thought that we'd bring you the facts.
10K Facts:
Firstly, we need to note the UK average weight for men and women. The average UK weight for males is 176Ibs and women, in the UK, have an average weight of 147Ibs.
Now using a UK Metric converter we find that a ten kilometre run is equal to 6.21 miles; noting this we then take the average time it takes to complete this distance, we average this out at ninety minutes.
Males (who weigh 176Ibs) would burn 1'203 calories, when they run six miles, on average; whilst, females (who weigh 147Ibs) would burn 1'005.
This means that on training, using the same distance and time calculations, men would have to consume 2'550 and women, 1'940, the daily average as suggested by the UK Department of Health.
However, don't go push yourself too far, before the run; build up to the day, taking it step by step.

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Firstly, you'll want to get the right balance of healthy foods. Whole-wheat, grain and toasted bread provide the body with energy whilst fruits, vegetables, eggs, rice, water and milk provide vitamins, calcium and protein.
If you are a complete noive at walking or running train yourself up with fifteen minutes, once a week, slowly building it up, by five minutes, each time you go out.
If you are a professional or regular walker or runner you'll be well in the know about what your body can handle and how much you need to practice.
Entry for any of the races closes on Thursday 1st September and you can grab yourself a discount, with the "Early Bird Special," if you apply before August 1st. More information and application forms can be found on North Lanarkshire Council's website.

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