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Online community action group raises issues about Kilsyth litter

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Wednesday 6th July, 2011.
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YET another community action group has sprung up on Facebook, taking views from local residents regarding a whole range of localised issues. One of the first issues to arise was litter around Kilsyth.
John Rafferty, Administrator of the group, posted: "One of the first problems that needs to be tackled is all the rubbish lying in the car parks behind both sides of the Main Street. There are nowhere near enough bins for all the flats & shops, and as the bins are of the cheap plastic variety & keep getting set on fire, a new solution needs to be found!"

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John's post evoked strong reactions, about Kilsyth, some good and some bad, but the point remained consistent; something had to be done.
Commenting, John went onto say: "We've reported these problems to them on several occasions and always get the standard 'we're looking into it' response. Hopefully something gets done about it, now."
A North Lanarkshire Council spokesperson told “Kilsyth Main Street is inspected and cleaned on a daily basis, on most weekdays twice a day. There are plenty of metal rubbish bins along the pavements, however the commercial bins outside some of the shops appear to be over-full and this may be causing litter to spread. An environmental warden will now visit the shopkeepers to discuss their bin provision.”

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