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MSP demands handbrake is pulled on cut to road spending

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011.

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ONE day after a fatal crash on Scotland's M8 motorway, Central Scotland MSP, Margaret Mitchell wants a U-turn on 11% cut to Council road spending.

Margaret Mitchell, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party MSP for Central Scotland wants North Lanarkshire Council to slam on the brakes, and turn around on their plans to cut spending on our roads.

Talking to, Margaret told us: “Whilst the Scottish Conservatives recognise the financial pressures facing public spending in the next decade, this is a short sighted move. Last winter was horrendously severe and took its toll on our roads. If this coming winter proves to be just as adverse then the damage to our roads will be much greater."

"The proper maintenance of Scotland's roads is essential, for both economic prosperity and quality of life for local residents."

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Margaret's comments come after an announcement that Councils all over Scotland are set to reduce spending on roads from £533m, to £475m, a cut of almost 11%, from 2010.

An estimated figure suggests that in North Lanarkshire spending on roads would be £27,460, in the next year, down £7'083, from £34,543, in 2010.

Mrs Mitchell continued: "At the last election, fully costed, Scottish Conservative plans included a Road Maintenance Fund which would set aside a total of over £200 million, including more money to tackle potholes and improve the condition of our shoddy roads. This work is essential to support the local economy."

"Instead, road maintenance has been sorely neglected in recent years and judging by these figures, that is not going to change anytime soon. This is quite simply short sighted and counterproductive!”

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