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Cumbernauld to get £1.2million investment in town's elderly facilities

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday, 7th July, 2011.
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NORTH Lanarkshire Council have decided that due to a recent survey they will build a new day services facility, in Cumbernauld, rather than refurbish the existing Antonine Older People's Day Service.
The original plans to refurbish the existing Antonine Facility was estimated out at £500'000, by North Lanarkshire Council. However, after an extensive survey it was found that more work would have had to have been undertaken, taking the final estimated cost to around £900'000.
Instead of a refurbishment North Lanarkshire Council has taken the decision to demolish the existing Antonine Facility, to make room for the development of the new purpose-built complex.

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Convener of Housing and Social Work, Councillor Barry McCulloch told “When we looked at the work needed to bring the existing building up to standard, compared with building a brand new facility, it made sense to invest in a purpose-built facility.

“Through our modernisation programme, we are providing day services across North Lanarkshire that support older people to live independently and avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital. They receive quality care from a health and social work professional, including individual assessments, treatment and therapeutic activities, all designed to meet their individual needs. It is a first class service and I am delighted we are able to deliver a new facility in Cumbernauld."

The final cost, which is so far estimated by North Lanarkshire Council, as being £1.2million, will be a shared investment, with NHS Lanarkshire contributing £400'000.

The new facility will be run by North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire, providing a range of social care and health services to older people with complex needs. The new facility will become the latest facility, in a network of day services across North Lanarkshire, created as part of a modernisation programme.

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