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No lacklustre approach to road safety

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Friday, 8th July, 2011.
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NORTH Lanarkshire Council safety measures have cut road accident injuries by almost 70%.
After a three year Road Safety scheme North Lanarkshire Council found that personal injury accidents had reduced from 178 to 55, in the twelve most common areas of North Lanarkshire, where personal road injuries were incurred, using data available from Strathclyde Police, between January 2008 and December 2010.
However, this isn't the end of the scheme. North Lanarkshire Council are set to continue monitoring and improving certain areas and roads.
Welcoming the news, Councillor James Coyle, Convener of Planning and Transportation said: “This is excellent news for pedestrians and drivers in North Lanarkshire. Community safety is one of our key priorities and these figures show our work is delivering real results. I would also like to thank the public who have contributed significantly to these results by acting responsibly when they are travelling and helped reduce the number of people injured on our roads by 69%."

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Far from the reduction in injuries, North Lanarkshire Council was also proud to announce that these new measures were saving the Council money.

North Lanarkshire Council announced that after calculation they had reached an average benefit to cost ratio of 16 to 1. This ratio means the overall costs of dealing with the accidents, such as providing health services, fixing roads, and dealing with the police and insurance services would be 16 times more than the improvement works carried out.

Councillor James Coyle continued: “Our road safety work is continuing across the area so we expect to see the number of accidents falling further. While these results are very positive, we cannot be complacent where road safety is concerned so we will also keep asking drivers for their support in keeping to the speed limits and driving carefully at all times.”

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