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Happy at the Hattrix; Neil's Race Night takes off

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Monday, 11th July, 2011
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ON FRIDAY 8th July, Cumbernauld resident, Neil Wotherspoon, held a Race Night, in aid of Samaritan's Purse, at Cumbernauld Village's Hattrix Soccer Complex. have followed Neil on his fundraising adventure; from start to finish, and we were happy to see that Neil's Race Night was such a success, from the minute the starter gun was fired.
Neil started fundraising in late May, after caught up with him, and since then he has over shot his fundraising target by hundreds!
His fundraising is all in aid of UK charity, Samaritan's Purse, a charity which works all over the world, helping those who are less privileged than us. Neil's successful efforts to raise £1100 will now see him travel to Ukraine, to help Children with mental, physical and social problems.
So far on his journey, friends, family and people from all over the country have been giving generously, and nowhere was this more noticeable than on Neil's Race Night.
Neil's Race Night earned the Samaritan's Purse £731, to pay his travel to Ukraine. 

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Picture is copyright of Scott Campbell/

The night was kick-started with Irish Bingo, where the first prize of the night, to be given out, was a bottle of Baileys. Then it was onto the Horse Races, where over £300 was made. Then finally it was the turn of the raffles, to make some money. Neil's prize table was cleared before he knew it and people were already fighting over who would win the Tunnocks Tea Cakes!
Prizes on offer had come from a variety of local and national businesses from Boots to B&Q, to cafes in Kirkintilloch, and even Pole Dancing lessons, from local business, Pole Princess.
Commenting, after the event, Neil told us: "The night ran really smoothly, much better than I could have predicted. It was a brilliant atmosphere, although my ears do hurt a bit!
"Many people don't know each other, as most have come quite a distance, to be here. There are quite a few surprises as to who has showed up but most are family of friends of family."
Since the Race Night donations still continue to "race" in and Neil will not say "neigh" to any donations offered. To this day Neil has raised a staggering £1011, in aid of the Samaritan's Purse, but his fundraising doesn't end just yet. Neil will go on to hold a charity back wax at Beautopia, Broadwood Stadium, on Thursday 21 July at 6:30, and donation information is available below.
Continuing, Mr Wotherspoon said: "I'll definetely do something like this again, to fundraise, maybe next year, for the Samaritan's Purse. However, I have to say I couldn't have done this without the Hat Trix, all the staff are great and the manager was really supportive."
You can donate to Neil's appeal through his JustGiving page or by emailing him.

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