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Cumbernauld's thirsty thousands

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Wednesday, 13th July, 2011.
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YESTERDAY seen Cumbernauld homes go dry.
Early on Tuesday afternoon, Cumbernauld residents began to complain that they had no water. After a swift investigation, Scottish Water announced that thousands of homes across the Cumbernauld area were without water. understands that the water shortage was due to a leak at a main 36 inch trunk pipe, at Cumbernauld's Glenhead Farm.
The resulting leak caused thousands of homes to run dry and forced people to collect water from designated distribution points; New Town Hall, Abronhill Community Centre, Broadwood Stadium, Westfield Industrial Estate and Wardpark.
However, handing out water even had its problems and people at the New Town Hall were forced to wait almost one hour, after Scottish Water ran out of supplies, having to collect additional bottles from Briarwood, Port Glasgow.

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Cumbernauld residents were outraged at the way Scottish Water acted, and the comments flooded into us on Twitter.
Kris Martin (@spike2k10) said: "Scottish water is a joke not had any updates on the situation it's is a joke"
Clive Sinclair (@clivesinclair) said: "I Managed to fill the bath, kettle, etc. Got news quick via Twitter."
(@clyde_derek) said: "Its a good excuse for not doing the dishes!!!!! We had a power cut in Oak Road on Sunday night and now no water on Tuesday!!"
Adam Clarkson (@thepfd) said: "Its nightmare not having water, when you have kids... I was just at Asda and Tesco and supply their is limited"
Commenting, John Rae, Scottish Water’s General Manager for Water Operations told us: “Scottish Water is making every effort to reduce the potential disruption to our customers. Our efforts are two fold – to repair the burst pipeline as quickly as possible and to reduce the number of customers out of supply by redistributing the water mains network. 

“Our efforts to distribute bottled water supplies to customers in the town are also extensive, with such alternative supplies available from five locations in Cumbernauld. We will maintain these bottled water supply points until all customers have been returned to supply.

“Some properties may experience slight discolouration in their tap water when supplies are restored. This is caused by the natural sediment in the pipes, which has been disturbed. Our advice is to leave your kitchen tap running for a few minutes until the stream runs clear. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience this incident may have caused.”
Parts of Cumbernauld have had water restored although most people are still without water; will bring you the updates as they come in.

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