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Don't cry over leaked water

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Wednesday, 13th July, 2011.
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YESTERDAY afternoon Cumbernauld homes began to run dry as a main water pipe leaked.
The thirty-six inch (91cm) main trunk pipe, at Glenhead Farm, began to leak at around 4pm yesterday afternoon, Scottish Water told us.
Shortly after the leak was announced Scottish Water put into action a plan to distribute bottled water at Cumbernauld collection points, at Abronhill Community Centre, Broadwood Stadium, New Town Hall, Wardpark Industrial Estate and Westfield Industrial estate.
However, Scottish Water's plans didn't go quite to plan. As thousands turned up at various collection points Scottish Water announced that they had ran out of bottled water, forcing the company to send delivery vehicles to their Depot in the Port Glasgow area.

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Picture is copyright of Scott Campbell/

This delay caused some people to evoke anger at the way in which the distribution was orchestrated, and through Twitter, Kris Martin said: "I am not happy at all with the way that they treated us, it was un-real. I waited for three hours, only to be told that we were limited to one packet of water, per person. I was not happy with it at all and I will be making complaint."
John Rae, Scottish Water’s General Manager for Water Operations said that the company would, "like to thank our customers for their patience." Continuing, John said: "Scottish Water made every effort to reduce disruption to our customers and repair this pipeline as quickly as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."
Although water has been restored, it may have a "slight discolouration", Scottish Water added: "This discolouration is caused by naturally occurring sediment within the pipeline, which has been disturbed by the burst. We  advise householders to run their kitchen tap for a couple of minutes until the stream runs clear."
If you still require further information or advice you can call Scottish Water's Customer Helpline on 0845 601 8855 or telephone their Emergency Helpline on 0845 600 8855.

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