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Further roadworks to take place later this month

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Wednesday, 13th July, 2011.
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Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.

PART of Condorrat's Main Road will be closed, later on this month, as part of carriageway reconstruction works.
The road will be closed between Roseheill Drive and Summerfield Road, from Monday 25th July until Friday 29th July, with alternative diversions being put in place.

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Diversions are as follows.
Vehicles who are travelling on the south west side of the works, heading towards the garage, should travel south west on Main Road, then west on Cumbernauld Road, west on Gartferry Road, north on Mollins Road, north east on Westfield Road, south on North Road, and finally south west on Main Road, where diversion ends.

Vehicles on the north east side of the closure, travelling away from the garage, should travel north east on Main Road, North on North Road, south west on Westfield Road, south on Mollins Road, east on Gartferry Road, west on Cumbernauld Road and travel north east, on Main Road, until diversion ends.

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