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Scottish Water four weeks into water mains improvment project

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday, 14th July, 2011.
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ON JUNE 13th Scottish Water plans to upgrade 10.5km of water mains were put into action as the company's contractor, Farrans, began the twelve week programme.
The localised programme is part of bigger things as Scottish Water's upgrade package is upgrading pipes all over Scotland, in a renewal project expected to be completed by 2015, covering over 4'500km of water mains.
The upgrade to Cumbernauld's water pipes means  improved water quality and enhanced water mains, which are less prone to bursting, although Scottish Water have confirmed that ongoing upgrades had nothing to do with the incident, on Tuesday.
With another eight weeks to go the project is predicted to be completed by early September, at a cost of £623,000. 

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Mr Jim Auldjo, Project Manager, Scottish Water, told “6.1km of pipes will receive polymeric lining - this is a sprayed resin liner applied approximately 1mm thick which has a quick curing time and enhances water quality by coating the inside of the pipe.
“The rest of the pipes will be flushed and refurbished using modern equipment that ensures we will continue top provide optimum water quality.
“There may be some disruption to water supplies in the area. However, Scottish Water will give at least 48 hours advance notification to customers.”
As work continues Scottish Water has sent customer information packs customers throughout the area, including an electrical earthing leaflet, a copy of the guide to Scottish Water's water mains improvement programme, a special needs/business requirements form and a reminder card to hang on the kitchen tap.
For more information on the upgrades visit Scottish Water's website or call their Customer Helpline on 0845 601 8855.

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