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Scottish Water prepare for Abronhill consultation evening

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday, 14th July, 2011.
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Picture is copyright of Scottish Water.

SCOTTISH Water's plans to create "innovative" green ponds around the Cumbernauld area will be up for public discussion, later this month, as the group prepare to hold a public exhibition.
Scottish Water told us that their planning application was recently approved, for the first pond, and since then construction has begun on the Northern side of Cumbernauld Glen, between Broom and Forest Road, by contractors Morrisions.
The main construction of the first pond is due to be completed by the end of summer, with replanting of trees and foliage taking place towards November. The overall project is estimated to be completed by late next year.  
Commenting, Mark MacLaren, Regional Community Manager for Scottish Water said: "These public exhibitions allow residents, businesses and other local stakeholders to find out more about this innovative scheme. We are committed to finding low-carbon; environmentally friendly solutions to deal with drainage in Scotland and Cumbernauld will soon have several of these facilities in place."
Scottish Water have already taken the steps to complete an Environmental Assessment as well as employ an Ecological Clerk of Works, to make sure that, throughout the constructions, there is a minimal impact on the local wildlife and woodland.
However, this isn't all that Scottish Water is doing in and around Cumbernauld. The firm is also funding a package of Environmental improvements, working with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, to improve the land parallel, to where the first green pond will be.

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Commenting, Laurence Kelly, Project Manager, Scottish Water, told "These drainage sites are known as SUDS ponds. SUDS is an acronym for Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution- they take surface water out of sewers and redirect it to ponds which naturally treat the water via a combination of settlement, sunlight and vegetation.
"This allows our waste water treatment works to concentrate on treating the foul sewage for which they are designed and results in significant energy savings. This helps us keep us keep customers charges low while reducing our carbon footprint.
"These ponds will also encourage numerous forms of wildlife and enhance water quality in the Red Burn, which flows through Cumbernauld Glen. As many as eight ponds are planned.
"Cumbernauld is geographically the high point for a number of burns in the Central Belt, with some flowing west to the River Clyde and the rest flowing east towards the River Forth- so water quality improvements here can have a far reaching effect."
Rob Mustard, General Manger for Waste Water, Scottish Water said: "Since forming in 2002, Scottish Water has invested heavily in Lanarkshire. £140million was invested in 2006-2010 in water and waste water infrastructure in both North and South Lanarkshire. This project in Cumbernauld is part of our continuing improvements planned for the 2010-2015 investment period."
Once the public exhibition(s) are over Scottish Water will run a consultation period where local residents viewed will be heard before further formal planning applications are submitted.
The exhibition which take place on Tuesday 26th July, between 4 and 7pm, at Larch Road's Abronhill Community Centre.
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