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The past week in pictures

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Monday, 18th July, 2011.
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From a water leak that caused three hour long queues, to a Race Night, in aid of Samaritan's Purse, Cumbernauld has certainly been eventful in the past seven days. Below are all the stores from the past seven days, with a brief summary of the story and snippet from the article- enjoy!
On Monday 11th July, Cumbernauld resident, Neil Wotherspoon, held a Race Night, in aid of Samaritan's Purse, at Cumbernauld Village's Hat Trix Soccer Complex. have followed Neil on his fundraising adventure; from start to finish, and we were happy to see that Neil's Race Night was such a success, from the minute the starter gun was fired.
On Monday 11th July, The Cumbernauld Diabetes Support Group has just turned one!
The group which held its spring conference, in late June, announced the news that the support group, which has been helping those affected with Diabetes, in Cumbernauld, had reached their first anniversary.
NHS Lanarkshire figures predict that within the local area there are around 4'000 people with Diabetes.
On Monday 11th July, Sanctuary Cumbernauld, gave us a Summer Update.
After a survey was carried out by an independent survey company it was discovered that of the 402 who participated in the survey, 72% (290), told the survey company that they'd like Sanctuary to continue with their plans, whilst 80 said "no" to the plans, 24 said that they "didn't know" and 8 refused to answer.

Picture is courtesy of Bill Henry.
On Tuesday 12th July, Cumbernauld was forced to go it "dry" as a leaking pipe caused Scottish Water a headache.
Earlier, this afternoon, Cumbernauld residents began to complain that they had no water. After a swift investigation, Scottish Water announced that thousands of homes across the Cumbernauld area were without water.
On Wednesday 13th July, Cumbernauld warmly welcomed the news that the town's water supply had been restored.
Shortly after the leak was announced Scottish Water put into action a plan to distribute bottled water at Cumbernauld collection points, at Abronhill Community Centre, Broadwood Stadium, New Town Hall, Wardpark Industrial Estate and Westfield Industrial estate.
On Wednesday 13th July, North Lanarkshire Council made the final push to encourage people to get the "Early Bird Special."
With less than 10 weeks less to go until the event takes place at Broadwood Stadium, on Sunday 11th September, people are being encouraged to take up North Lanarkshire Council's "Early Bird Discount," and help break the record, set at last year's event, of 540 participants.
On Wednesday 13th July, North Lanarkshire Council, revealed that their Blairlinn Depot had became to next casuality of their three year savings plan.
North Lanarkshire Council's three year saving plan took its next victim earlier last month as the Council's Blairlinn Depot closed.

Picture is courtesy of Allan Murdoch.
On Wednesday 13th July, we announced that Cumbernauld's roads were to be hit with diversions as patching works took place, with Condorrat and Cumbernauld Village being the most affected areas.
Part of Condorrat's Main Road will be closed, later on this month, as part of carriageway reconstruction works.

Picture is courtesy of Bill Henry.
On Wednesday 13th July, North Lanarkshire Council revealed that the Kildrum roundabout was to be closed as the vehicle damaged bridge, over the A8011 was repaired.
The Muirhead Roundabout, which links North Carbrain, Seafar and Kildrum, with the A8011 was closed two days ago and will be re-opened later on this month.

Picture is courtesy of Allan Murdoch.
On Thursday 14th July, we announced that Scottish Water were one third of the way through their action plan to improve all of Cumbernauld's main water pipes, ensuring better water quality and less possibility of leaks, in the pipeline.
On June 13th Scottish Water plans to upgrade 10.5km of water mains were put into action as the company's contractor, Farrans, began the twelve week programme.
Southern Cross' Cumbernauld Village Home
On Thursday 14th July, Scottish Parliament MSPs' reveal their anxietys' about the future of Southern Cross Healthcare Care Homes.
The news that Landlords owning Care Homes in the Southern Cross Group have decided that they want to leave the group, after negotiations brought down on Wednesday, has evoked the reactions of MSPs Jamie Hepburn and Margaret Mitchell.
On Thursday 14th July, we revealed the announcement that Scottish Water were going to let the enquiries "flood" in, as they open the gates to the public, to show off their plans for local "green ponds."
Scottish Water's plans to create "innovative" green ponds around the Cumbernauld area will be up for public discussion, later this month, as the group prepare to hold a public exhibition.

Picture is courtesy of Scottish Water.
On Thursday 14th July, repairs to the Kildrum-Seafar footbridge, damged by a heavy construction vehicle started.
Repairs to the footbridge which links Kildrum's Woodland Way with Seafar's Darroch Way have begun. The popular pedestrian footbridge was struck by a heavy construction vehicle, last year, whilst works on the A8011 carriageway were being undertaken.

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