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Neil and Paul's agony has paid off, literally

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Tuesday, 26th July, 2011.
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Picture is copyright of Paul O'Hare and is used on his courtesy.

FROM start to finish, has followed Neil Wotherspoon as he raced, walked and waxed himself to the magic £1,100.
Neil's fundraising journey will now see him leave this Saturday (July 30th), as he embarks on a trip to Ukraine, to help children with mental, physical and social needs.
He reached his target after a back wax, held at Beautopia, pulled in keen supporters; Friends, family and colleagues turned out to see Neil and his friend Paul O'Hare do the emotional send off, and say a rather painful goodbye to their back hair. 
Neil, and indeed Paul's efforts, will now see the enthusiastic fundraiser travel to Ukraine, with international charity, Samaritan's Purse. Whilst, in Ukraine, from July 30th to August 8th, Neil will help children to socialise by reading and playing, as well as taking part in group activities.
"I am really looking forward to going and can't believe that on Saturday I will be in Ukraine," Neil told us.

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This year, the Samaritan's Purse camp will set up in Poltava, five hours away from the East of Kiev.
Commenting, Neil said: "I would say that it was a very painful time. Kirsty Barr, the Beautician leading the wax, had to call in a colleague to assist with my waxing as there was so much hair! They both waxed simultaneously- it was very sore but it was well worth it for the money we raised.
"There was an entourage of people who call themselves supporters; however, I would say that they seemed to enjoy my screams more!
"I have raised the £1100 donation and want to thank, my family and friends, in particular my girlfriend Jane, the Harper-Lavery family, the MacLeod Family and my friend Paul O'Hare for sacrificing his back hair to the wax!"
Neil has done a fantastic job and the team here at wish him all the best- Bon Voyage!

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