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NHS Lanarkshire announce new eye-health scheme service

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Tuesday, 26th July, 2011.
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TODAY, NHS Lanarkshire has announced the launch of a new service, the Lanarkshire Eye-health Network Scheme, or LENS, for short.
LENS is a network of optometrist practices throughout Lanarkshire that can offer emergency eye appointments for any concerns that the public may have with the health of their eyes or eye injuries.
Speaking after the launch, Dr Rod Savides, NHS Lanarkshire's Consultant Ophthalmologist, said: “Optometrists are the community eye experts. They have the professional training and necessary equipment to diagnose most eye problems.

“The aim of LENS is to improve community eye care and to prevent needless visits to hospital for those who have a concern over the health of their eyes.”

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The new service will be run by a number of optometrists who will offer an appointment and assessment service for any person, with any eye condition, with the service being offered at a number of Lanarkshire health clinics. 

Posters and leaflets are currently being distributed throughout the Lanarkshire area to raise awareness of the new service, and people wishing to find their closest service can call NHS Lanarkshire's General Enquiry Line on 08453 130 130 or by visiting the NHS Lanarkshire website.

Lanarkshire optometrist, Frank Munro, commented on the new service: “Optometrists have a whole range of examination techniques at their disposal giving them all the necessary tools to assess your eyes and direct you to the best solution.

“They may refer you directly to the hospital eye clinic, prescribe medication or simply reassure you that all is well.”

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