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Cumbernauld Community Park scoop a funding win

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Thursday, 28th July, 2011.
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FRIENDS of Cumbernauld Community Park have dipped their toes into the Big Lottery Fund and, have taken home almost £5,000.
The group, who formed their constitution back in June 2005 have been gunning for the Big Lottery Fund's "Investing in ideas" grant, and this year was their year, as the community group took home £4'980.
The "Investing in ideas" scheme will pay out £91'508 to ten Scottish community groups, with an aim to help community groups to start their projects.

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The Friends of Cumbernauld Community Park, whose aim it is to "develop and deliver a Community Park for the 21st century" will now use their grant success to run a consultation, with local groups and residents, to decide where in the area the money is needed.

Commenting, Alison Magee, Big Lottery Fund Scotland Chair, said: "It can often be challenging for groups to get their projects off the starting blocks but thanks to Investing in Ideas we can offer support at that early stage to help them establish if their project idea is feasible and will deliver change in the longer term. We wish all of the winning projects the greatest of success as they turn their project ideas into reality."

Friends of Cumbernauld Community Park will start their consultation in the late autumn and anyone who wants more information can visit their website.

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