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Cumbernauld Media survey reveals residents feelings towards 'Neon Waves'

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Friday, 5th August, 2011.
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Picture is copyright of North Lanarkshire Council.

THE debate about the neon waves doesn't seem to be dimming down.
Following the announcement by the Cumbernauld House Trust that the project's total cost reached £967,509 we decided to hit the streets of Kildrum to discover people's views about the project.
The results were staggering. Opposition views are not a minority. After canvassing sections of housing at Kyle and Afton Road, it was discovered that support for the project was harder to find than a needle in a hay stack.
We surveyed 110 people, asking them: "Were the 'Neon Waves' worth the money?" Also, following a trail of complaints that no consultation was held we asked: "Were you approached regarding a consultation, about the 'Waves'?"
100% of 110 people surveyed said that they had no correspondence, or had heard anything about a consultation for the 'Neon Waves' project. 
However, the surprise of the day was the extent of opposition towards the project.
Out of 110 people, only five people thought that the 'Neon Waves' were worth the money. On the other hand, 86% (95 people) felt that the 'Neon Waves' were a waste of money.
The other 9% came from people answering "Don't Know" or refusing to take part.

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Most people were opposed to the project because of the cost, which after a Freedom of Information request (FOI), lodged by Cumbernauld House Trust, showed the project totalled £967,509.25.
Unfortunately, Cumbernauld's waves aren’t the end of North Lanarkshire Council's crazy spending spree. After announcing that almost 1'000 council jobs were to go, in a mad dash to cut £55million, North Lanarkshire were heavily criticised as they spent £1.5million on a 4ft, decorative plug hole, in Coatbridge.
Commenting, a spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council said: “The consultation and associated exhibition took place over two days in August 2009.
“Invitation to the event was by letter to community groups throughout the Cumbernauld area. In addition, public displays on the project were erected in Cumbernauld library and within the Cumbernauld Centre, with contact details provided for anyone who wished further information.
"Feedback from the consultation event was generally positive and the views expressed were taken into account when finalising the project details. 
"So far as the survey is concerned, people are quite entitled to express their point of view.
"However, in this difficult economic climate, the Council remains committed to investing in the regeneration of its town centres and communities. 
"The investment in the approaches to Cumbernauld has addressed deteriorating roadside embankments and improved drainage, whilst also emphasising key routes into Cumbernauld town centre.
"The local economy has benefited from the involvement of local businesses in the project implementation.”

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