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Further footbridge repair disruption to Kildrum Road

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Friday, 5th August, 2011.
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Picture is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

NORTH Lanarkshire Council have announced that Kildrum Road will be temporarily closed to allow repairs to the footbridge which links Corbiston Way with Cumbernauld High School to be undertaken safely.
Part of Kildrum road, between Kildrum Roundabout and Kenmore Road will be closed between midnight and six am, each day between Tuesday 16th August and Saturday 20th August.

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Diversions will be in place throughout, with those wanting to access Kildrum Road from the Kildrum Roundabout, having to continue onto South Carbrain Road, then Greenfaulds Road, onto the B8039 slip road, to North Carbrain Road, onto the Muirhead Roundabout, and onto the Kildrum Road exit.

Vehicles on the east side of the closure should continue east, on Kildrum Road, to the Muirhead Roundabout, onto North Carbrain Road taking the slip road onto B8039 Janes Brae then the off onto South Carbrain Road and continue east, diversion ends.

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