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NHS Lanarkshire promote oral health at International Children's Games

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Sunday, 14th August, 2011.
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AS THE 45th International Children's Games wind up NHS Lanarkshire has been heralding the benefits of good oral health, in addition to good physical health.
Commenting as the Game's wound up, International Children's Games President, Torsten Rasch said: "I would like to thank all our friends in Lanarkshire for doing such a wonderful job in organising this outstanding 45th International Children's Games.

"Over the last few days - wherever I have gone - everyone knew about the Games. This is what we have never experienced before. So thank you very much for hosting these Games.

"Around the world Scotland is famous for its whisky. But I would like to add that Lanarkshire is a really first class place for international sports events.

"Lanarkshire deserves a gold medal for presenting an outstanding Children's Games. And when you all go home please tell everyone what a great experience you had here in Lanarkshire."

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Whilst the Games were ongoing between August 3rd and August 8th, NHS Lanarkshire were busy handing out oral health packs.
The free packs contained toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash, handed out by NHS Lanarkshire’s Oral Health Team at the International Children’s Game's opening and closing ceremonies.

Lorna Murray, Oral Health Educator, commented: “NHS Lanarkshire is sponsoring the Games so we wanted to come along to support the event and also promote oral health to the athletes and supporters from all the countries taking part.

“We’ve been really busy and by the middle of the afternoon we’d ran out of the packs. Oral health is an important part of health and wellbeing.
“Hopefully we’ll help remind people to look after their teeth as well as their overall physical fitness.”

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