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Cumbernauld's popular Town Artist passes away

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Sunday, 14th August, 2011.
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PART of Cumbernauld's past has been lost – but not forgotten – as the town’s former Town Artist dies.
Brian Miller, who was appointed Cumbernauld's Town Artist in 1962, was a much loved member of Cumbernauld's community and his input in the past shaped the "Town For Tomorrow."
Brian was the first full time Town Artist within the newly assembled UK Government New Town scheme.
Before Mr Miller held the position of Town Artist, he worked for Rolls Royce. 
Brian's design blueprint saw popular urban artwork creep up all over Cumbernauld, brightening up Cumbernauld's construction scarred streets, aiding Cumbernauld's award winning streak.

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Brian worked as Cumbernauld's only Town Artist for the next twenty eight years, retiring in 1990, after raising a family. He then found a job at Cumbernauld Theatre, as a Writer and Community Artist.
Tributes to Mr Miller are being made on social networking site, Facebook.
Announcing the tragic death of Mr Miller, on his Facebook profile, former Cumbernauld Theatre Community Artist, Stu Who, said: "Brian gave me much needed support and advice in my own career in the arts, and was a real motivator to many. He will be sorely and sadly missed.
"He was a genuinely, lovely, kind man, whose boyish enthusiasm seemed fathomless, even in his senior years. My thoughts are with his family today."
Brian's family were not available to comment.

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