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Sweetening up passengers' daily commutes

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Sunday, 14th August, 2011.
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COMMUTERS travelling through Croy Train Station will now be able to enjoy a fresh coffee.
ScotRail customers who travel to and from Croy Station will now be able grab breakfast on the go thanks to newly opened coffee counter, Bean2Cup.
Counter owner, Tommy Collins said: “I’m delighted to provide ScotRail customers with their morning pick-me-ups - and afternoon snacks.”
Tommy Collins, who lives in Craigmarloch, Cumbernauld is a former catering manager for the University of the West of Scotland Campus at Ayr.

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Whilst working through in Ayr Tommy said that he travelled some 500 miles to work, and said that he opened the Croy station kiosk as he wanted to work closer to home.
Open 06.00-19.00 Monday-Friday, 08.00-19.00 Saturdays and 10.00-16.00 on Sundays; the kiosk sells everything from cappuccinos and cookies to mochas and muffins.
Jacqueline Taggart, ScotRail’s director of customer service, commented: “I’m pleased that our customers can enjoy a drink or snack before boarding their train at Croy.

"The station continues to grow in popularity, thanks to a new car park and local bus connections, and this new facility will also be welcomed."

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