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Get your mutt checked out at 'Good Dog' fun day

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Monday, 15th August, 2011.
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THIS year’s Dog Fun Day, brought to you by North Lanarkshire Council, will be available to residents outside North Lanarkshire for the very first time.

The day – which in fact takes place over the weekend of Saturday 20 August and Sunday 21 August – will be held at Palacerigg Country Park and Strathclyde Country Park respectively. It’s all part of the council’s Good Dog campaign, which aims to support and encourage responsible dog ownership.

“We know that most people who have dogs look after them properly and clean up after them responsibly,” said Councillor Helen McKenna, Convener of Environmental Services.  “These events aim to reward that, by offering people a way to keep their pets safe and healthy.

“They also encourage others to follow suit, and provide them with the means of doing so. Our animal welfare service is dedicated to helping pet owners. This event is one of the ways we do that, and I would encourage all our dog owners to take advantage of it.”

The event takes place every year and has always proved a popular draw with Lanarkshire pet owners. The dog wardens unit works with partner agencies like the PDSA to offer pet owners the chance to have their pet chipped and health checked for free.

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“Chipping is a way to help keep pets safe,” said Jamie Brannigan, Senior Environmental Health Officer. “If a chipped dog gets lost and is found by our warden service, we’re able to identify the animal and its owner and make sure it’s returned safely to them.

“It only takes a few seconds – the chip is inserted into the loose skin at the back of the dog’s neck. It’s about the size of a grain of rice, it doesn’t hurt at all, and the benefits last the rest of the animal’s life.

“Best of all, it’s completely free. This service usually costs £8 from the council and around £30 from a vet, so it’s a substantial saving for dog owners.”

This year, for the first time, the dog chipping will be available to anyone who comes along, not only people from North Lanarkshire. The PDSA will be on hand to give pets a health check, and there will be free poop scoops and baggies for everyone.

Bring your pet along to Palacerigg Country Park on Saturday 20 August between 10am and 4pm, or Strathclyde Country Park on Sunday 21 August between 10 and 4; and see your dog have a really good day.

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