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Planning committee reject planning permission for Balloch phone mast

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:00 GMT on Tuesday, 23rd August, 2011.
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NORTH Lanarkshire Council have rejected a planning application, which if accepted would have seen the construction of a phone mast near Eastfield Primary School, in the Balloch area of Cumbernauld.
The original application, which was submitted in late March, was by telecoms company Vodafone.
Since the application was received on March 25th, this year, North Lanarkshire Council have been swamped with comments from local councillors, groups, politicians and residents.
North Lanarkshire Council's online ePlanning system has noted that there have been 283 replies to the planning application, with all of the comments being objective towards the application.
Commenting, a spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council said: “The application to site a phone mast on Balloch Road in Eastfield was considered at the planning committee of 9 August. The committee took the decision to refuse the application."

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As outlined on NLC's ePlanning website, the application was for a 14.8 metre high "Telecommunications Pole with Associated Apparatus." And after almost five months of waiting, North Lanarkshire Council's Planning and Transportation Committee, held at the Motherwell Civic Centre, earlier this week, decided to reject planning permission unanimously.
One of the speakers at the Committee was Cumbernauld and Kilsyth MSP Jamie Hepburn. Jamie shared the concerns of many that the mast would simply be too close to residential properties and Eastfield Primary School, the distances of which have been estimated at 30 and 100 metres.
Commenting, after the Committee's verdict was given, Jamie Hepburn MSP said: “I was glad that the Planning Committee unanimously rejected this proposal.
“It is clear from the number of objections received that the prospect of a telecoms mast on this site caused great concern among local residents, and teachers and parents of pupils at Eastfield Primary and Nursery Schools—concern which I, of course, shared.
“I was glad to speak out against the proposal alongside the other objectors, including members of the Eastfield Primary School Parents Council. The Parents Council should be commended for their hard work in organising such an effective campaign in opposition to the proposed phone mast.”
Vodafone didn't comment on the decision.

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